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Customs Creation - April 2016

Posted April 4th, 2016 at 01:14 PM by HS Codex
Updated April 4th, 2016 at 07:58 PM by Xotli (fixing image links)

Tandem Designs Part 2:
The Practice
by Son of Arathorn

Last time around, I discussed the theory of Tandem Designs. To recap, when you design a faction, or even just two units with synergy, following the Tandem Design principle means that you settle on the relationship between the two (or more) units before hammering out the hard details. That relationship can consist of bonding, buffs, or having each unit cover the other’s weak spots. For instance, Grimnak gives the Blade Gruts a much-needed boost to their attack and defense, and, in return, they give him multi-attack potential via bonding.

Today, I’m going to take us through a rough sketch of what designing in tandem looks like. For my example, I’m going to use two of my own customs: Grondos the Mighty, and Allahar the Swift. Mind you, these guys aren’t finished yet
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C3G Interview - March 2016

Posted March 30th, 2016 at 12:21 AM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
By: marrowick

In what area of C3G do you help out the most (design, art, etc.)?

I'm actually mostly retired now. When I was active, I was mostly a designer and artist. I did some testing, but I would say I was mostly a designer and artist.

What's caused your recent inactivity? Is it a lack of interest, or something outside of Heroscapers?

It's a combination of the two. I still love the game, but I never had a solid group of people to play with, only my dad on occasion. When I left for college, I didn't have the space to pack all my stuff and I didn't have anyone to play it with so I lost interest. Since I graduated, I've been busy, first working for Disney and now working for StarCityGames.com as a Video Production Associate for SCGLive. I still have all my HeroScape stuff, just need to find a
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C3g march madness!

Posted March 28th, 2016 at 03:47 PM by truth
March Madness is coming to C3G, with superheroes and supervillains battling it out to see who will be the next C3G design!

Starting today, vote for your favorite character to join the ranks of C3G designs! Twice a week, two fan-favorite, long-requested characters will face off in a public poll, and in the end, one will stand supreme! The winner will be designed, in public, for immediate release after the end of the tournament!

The schedule is as follows...

3/28 - Round 1, Match 1 | Cheetah vs. Domino
3/31 - Round 1, Match 2 | Spider-Man (Symbiote) vs. Rover
4/4 - Round 1, Match 3 | Man-Bat vs. Leader
4/7 - Round 1, Match 4 | Hobgoblin vs. Ms. Marvel (Kamala)
4/11 - Round 2, Match 1 | TBD
4/14 - Round 2, Match 2 | TBD
4/18 - Final Round, Final Match | TBD
4/23 - Winner Announcement!!!
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Beautiful Colby
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HoSS Strategy - March 2016

Posted March 27th, 2016 at 12:44 AM by HS Codex

HoSS Strategy Guide
Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise)
By: Fi Skirata

In a disguise designed to fool the “King of Crime,” Leia Organa can easily sneak undetected behind enemy lines to carry out her mission. And when her cover is blown, she can use her force-guided intuition and explosive armament to aid in her successful escape.

However, to truly understand how best to use Princess Leia Organa (Boushh Disguise), one must first take a look at her stats.

Analyzed Statistics:
Height – Medium (Average: she can use this to take advantage of bushes and low outcrops, but can be more vulnerable to some powers)
Life – 4 (Low-average health level: sitting slightly
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Fan Art Spotlight - March 2016

Posted March 22nd, 2016 at 01:32 PM by HS Codex

From the Desk of a Frostrager
A fan art spotlight
Author: Evar Scarcarver

Every month now, I must try and figure out what to write about that has a vaguely Heroscape theme that I can hopefully tie into whatever is going on in my life and/or whatever this month’s spotlighted piece of art is. It is quite an interesting process, that has mainly consisted of me staring at my computer screen (which shows a blank document) and trying to figure out what to write. Sometimes, I take a break from not writing to go and get a snack.

This month, I had chosen the spotlighted art well in advance, and contacted the artist to get their permission on using it with time to spare. Then, every day for the next week or so, I’d open up my blank document with the title at the top, and stare at it for a while. Normally, when I get to this stage, within an hour,
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