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Islandscape Practice I

Posted July 23rd, 2009 at 10:25 AM by kolakoski
Well met!

Chas (He Who Owns All Heroscape) was kind enough to host us at his palacial game pad last evening. He had recreated a tourney map with snow, ice, water and mountains, cold, wet and bleak. I took my usual seat and placed the 1st Kenshikai before me.

Two full squads from the 10th Regiment of Foot, dirty fighters every one, were the core of my army. Barely able to suppress their eagerness, a mass of Marro Warriors prepared to rush across the stream before them, to the place of power in the near distance. The deadly Krav Maga, agents of a time in the far future, were arrayed ahead, to screen the main body from enemy skirmishers. In immediate support of them standing immobile, but radiating such force that the snow around them was melted for a foot in all directions, were two Heros. One was Kumiko, deadliest of all the Ninja in Valhalla, equal parts distraction and destroyer. The other was the Supreme Warrior, Master of the Sword and Bow, wielder of Counterstrike,...

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