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Lolth Demanded Blood!

Posted December 30th, 2009 at 11:12 PM by Aldin
I'm going to need to make this short for reasons that will become clear momentarily, but be assured that the goddess has received the blood sacrifice required for the release of MS3. Last night I discovered that Grimtooth had been in my dishwasher, setting a trap in the very composition of one of my ceramic plates so that when I tried to remove it simultaneously with three of its brothers, it snapped in two, gouging out a sizeable strip of my finger left hanging by a flap and taking several ounces of precious ruby liquid. As should be obvious from this missive, I have survived Grimtooth's evil machinations and still have one good hand with which to type... and roll dice. So bring on MS3!
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Steamroller Baby!

Posted April 23rd, 2009 at 10:51 AM by Aldin
My level of anticipation for Wave 9 is ramping up and even though I have no idea what it means, I have decided to succumb to "Steamroller Baby" as you can see in my signature. Honestly, I suspect it has nothing to do with anything but the excitement, but in the interest of rampant speculation:

1) It refers to the Dwarves. They are Steampunk and have some sort of mechanism justifying the phrase. Is there a dwarf hero on a steamroller with a trample stomp-like ability?

2) It refers to a new class of soulborg. The Steamroller2k is the fastest of the soulborgs, leaving even the Deathreavers in the dust. Do they have a DW7k-like ability to ram someone and explode?

Just some fun and random thoughts.
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The Lady and the Tiger... sans Tiger

Posted March 26th, 2009 at 01:33 PM by Aldin
Shiori raced up the back side of the hill, ducking behind a jungle tree. Sometimes, if you were patient and quiet, they ignored you until it was too late. Glancing out from behind the brush she saw the Nakita Agent below. Smoke powder was no bar to a ninja with shuriken, and the lovely lady fell – a thin rivulet of blood fanning from her neck. Now, without the Nakita blocking the way, that Krav Maga Agent was about to taste her Kunai…

Ah Shiori! She of the awkward abilities and cost. How could it be that she should capture my heart? Is it because she’s an underdog? Partly, perhaps mostly. The truth is that when I look at her I see hidden depths. I see a lady who can accomplish important tasks when a situation arises that fits her abilities.

Unlike the Deathstalkers, Shiori wasn’t love at first sight. If anything, I didn’t much care for her. But as her list of vocal detractors grew, I sought to know her better. And I’ve grown to appreciate who she is. She isn’t...
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A Yellow Wood

Posted March 18th, 2009 at 01:39 PM by Aldin
Major Q9 stands beneath a grassy ledge, his Queeglix gun pouring bullets into the armored hide of the Deathstalker above him without effect. Utgar’s robopups had shedded his melee screen and had him surrounded. Another darted in at his left leg and as he moved to deal with it the one above snuck his jaws in past the shoulder armor and gripped his neck. With a shake and a snap, Major Q9’s last thought was for how he’d underestimated the power of his foe. The Deathstalker raised his head and howled in an eerie mechanical shout of triumph…

Sporadically, I’m planning on blogging about units that I love. There’s no perfect correlation on this list to Spider_Poison’s unit grades, though I will probably start with lower graded units on the theory that they need the love more. My man crush on Sir Gilbert will just have to wait. But I will get to him and the Deathreavers someday (as an aside, the Rats were key to my first victory at my first Heroscape gameday), so this isn’t...
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