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FFC #112 - Dawn of Darkness is LIVE!

Posted September 29th, 2023 at 02:30 PM by TGRF
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles #112

Dawn of Darkness, or DoD, is now live, and you can begin reading. I posted the story a few days ago, but neglected to actually mention it anywhere, hence this blog post.

The first post in the thread and the introduction cover everything you'll need to know, so I won't go into any of that here. Instead, I want to offer a brief glimpse into what my writing plans are going forwards.

I do not currently plan on releasing another full length fan fiction. DoD is - unless things change - the last long tale I'll be posting here. This is because, while I enjoy writing long stories, they require a ton of time to develop and write, and that's time I would at this point rather be spending on my first novel series.

There could be various short fictions, contest entries, or serial-esque tales. This is not confirmed, just a possibility right now. I want to keep in 'writing shape' if possible while I work on my novels, so having something short to write could be a good idea. I have a few ideas, but nothing's really taken off yet. I will keep you updated.

Finally, the novels are in development. I say novels, because the plan is to write a single standalone novel, with series potential. As I learned from writing Dilmir, it's best to plan the entire series out ahead of time, so that's what I'm doing. Currently the series looks to be three books, though as I learned, that number can change.

These novels are a long ways out. I only now have the basis of the overarcing plot, and am working on defining the characters. The world needs a lot more work, and the plot needs to be filled in substantially.

That's all FAR in the future however. For now, enjoy DoD, and I'll see you on the other side.

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