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Louisville Pre-GenCon Tournament 7/17

Posted July 20th, 2010 at 09:34 PM by NecroBlade
Updated July 20th, 2010 at 09:59 PM by NecroBlade
Last weekend the OVAH guys had a tournament to practice for the upcoming GenCon main event. 510 points, 24 spaces.

I played

225 10th Regiment x3
185 Nilfhiem
100 Marcus Decimus Gallus

Game 1 vs Aldin:
120 Morgimm Forgehammer
110 Airborne Elite
100 Marcus DG
100 Roman Legionnaires x2
080 Omnicron Repulsors x2

The map was Midnight Lagoon, I believe (all the maps were GenCon maps). His Ariborne didn't Drop in round 1, and I didn't want Nilfhiem on the low ground when they did, so after I moved some 10th forward, up came Nilfhiem. I did alright, killing a squad of Romans and putting 4 wounds on his MDG. Then all my luck ran out. Before it was all over, I only killed 3 more Romans and 2 Airborne, meaning I only scored 50 points (full card scoring). Nilfhiem couldn't roll more than 1 skull for Ice Shards, and when he did, the engaged Airborne rolled 2 shields... Aldin was kind enough...
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MegaSilver's Tournament

Posted May 22nd, 2010 at 09:35 PM by NecroBlade
Updated May 23rd, 2010 at 12:26 PM by NecroBlade
Congrats to MegaSliver, who ran and won his first tournament earlier today!

Unfortunately only four competitors total were able to make it, but it was very fun regardless.

Here are my armies and how my matches went.

"A Guy Ritchie Movie"
300 Granite Guardians x3
110 Airborne Elite
090 Warden 816

"Chainmail Bikini"
240 Iron Man
140 Axegrinders of Burning Forge x2
120 Mogrimm Forgehammer

Game 1 vs jschild on Failed Negotiations
"Chainmail Bikini" vs "Cap's Valiant"
220 Captain America
140 4th Mass. x2
140 Knights of Weston x2

The whole game was very close, with Iron Man falling first, then Captain America close behind. It came down to a slightly wounded Mogrimm against a whole squad of 4th. Tough won the day and I went 1-0 with a 1/2 dead dwarf.

Game 2 vs MegaSilver on Failed Negotiations
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OVAH NHSD 2nd Place

Posted October 18th, 2009 at 10:57 AM by NecroBlade
Yesterday, as everyone knows, was National Heroscape Day. It was my second tournament here with the Ohio Valley Area Heroscapers, my third NHSD, and my fifth tournament. Here's what, who, and how I played.

My 600 point army:
330 Minions of Utgar x3
180 Major Q9
090 Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior

Round 1 vs Aldin on Sidewinder:
220 Tor-Kul-Na
180 Marro Stingers x3
090 Marden Nagrubs x3
080 Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (RotV)

I managed to roll pretty well against the Stingers early on, only losing a couple Minions and Q9 taking 2 wounds (from the first attack against him, which happened 3 of 5 games!). Minions took out Raelin and Q9 mowed down 'grubs as TKN advanced. Atlaga failed Witherwood (12) on TKN, who proceeded to take out Q9, more Minions, and Atlaga himself. Denied his snacks, TKN eventually went down and I won, but not before Aldin got 380 points out of me (I only had 2 squads of Minions left)!

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Left 4 Dead HS Variant Rules

Posted August 4th, 2009 at 11:38 PM by NecroBlade
Updated October 12th, 2010 at 10:48 AM by NecroBlade

Bill/Coach/Ellis/Francis/Louis/Nick/Rochelle/Zoey (L4D)
Human; Unique Hero; Survivor; Tenacious; Medium 5
Life 5; Move 5; Range 6; Attack 3; Defense 4
100 Points (5/6/4/6)
BEAT DOWN: Up to twice while moving, as long as [NAME] is on a space where s/he could end her/his movement, choose an opponent's adjacent small or medium figure and roll the d20. If you roll an 11 or higher, move the chosen figure one space. Figures do not receive leaving engagement attacks for this move. If you roll a 17 or higher, the chosen figure receives one unblockable wound before moving.


Campaign Chapters: There are 2-5 chapters to each campaign, each with a unique map. The end of the last chapter is the Finale Event where survivors are saved by escaping in a Rescue Vehicle.

Safe Rooms: All 4 survivors start in one Safe Room and must make it to the next to advance to the next chapter. Each survivor...
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People Suck

Posted July 21st, 2009 at 04:01 PM by NecroBlade
Updated July 21st, 2009 at 04:09 PM by Aldin
Just thought I'd vent my frustrations at this afternoon's entirely unsuccessful attempts at a decent round of Left 4 Dead.

No friends online, I joined random Versus games...here are the results:

Game 1 - Some asshole (SLEVIN KELEVRA [Josh Hartnett's character in Lucky Number Slevin; this scumbag doesn't deserve the name]) who always kicks me for no reason does so again. He then proceeds to invite me back to the game. So you can kick me again and waste my time? No thanks.

Game 2 - Server shuts down after the other team, who was giving us a decent beating (in small part due to two of my teammates leaving, but we were losing by a little before then), leaves when I incap all four of them with a tank.

Game 3 - I left this game after a failed vote-kick on a guy (vic hitcher007) who's teamkilling. He did only kill the one AI on our team, but I don't know why you'd keep someone around who's purposefully handicapping your team. Unless you...
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