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CoN General Tips: Trust your Instincts

Posted May 24th, 2008 at 12:13 AM by Firemaster
For my first CoN tip, I shall be talking about a subject which I am just figuring out myself, and that is to trust your instinct.

Before I get into how this relates to the CoN, I want you to picture something in your mind. Think of a computer with a billion terrabytes of Hard Drive, but only a few megabytes of RAM. You can store tons of stuff on it, but it might take you a long time to find you are looking for. Now replace that image with with a lump of pink flesh called the human brain, and that RAM chip is called the conscious mind.

That's exactly how the human brain works. Everything you've seen, heard, or otherwise experienced is stored in your brain for future use. The only problem is that your brain has a very hard time accessing most of it.

So how does this relate to instinct? Well enter into the equation a second RAM chip, one that can access almost the entire hard drive all at once. Let's call this second RAM chip the "Subconscious"....
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