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4. Masha Shingai in a Team Match

Posted November 4th, 2018 at 01:51 AM by Astroking112
Highways and Dieways
Glyphs: Kelda (Healer), Wannok (Wound)
2v2, 300 Points Each

Note: Masha was updated before this playtesting game. The only change is to his Aura of Terror, which is now Curse of the Oni:
If there is at least one revealed Order Marker on this Army Card, then all Squad figures within 4 clear sight spaces of Masha Shingai must subtract 1 from their attack.
Team 1:
Astro: Masha Shingai, Tomoe Gozen, Izumi Samurai, Theracus (300)
@Leo Ultra : Manauvi, Varkaanan Greyspears, Deadeye Dan, Isamu, Otonashi (300)

Team 2:
@Angi : Airborne Elite, 10th Regiment x2, Siiv (300)
Liz: Raelin, Zettian Guards, Marro Warriors, Beakface Sneaks x3, Otonashi (300)

Which Units Survived?
Astro: 2 Izumi Samurai, Tomoe Gozen (2 wounds), Masha Shingai (1 wound), Theracus (no wounds)
~187 Points
Leo: Deadeye Dan (no wounds), Otonashi, Isamu
~80 Points

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