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Wave 6 Review

Posted December 9th, 2006 at 07:36 PM by truth
Updated April 14th, 2008 at 05:21 PM by truth
Wave 6 is here! And what an expansion it is! I believe it marks a couple of shifts in the game we all know and love. Namely the beautiful paint jobs. The figures we all saw at GenCon were not misleading; wave 6 is in fact that gorgeously painted. It seems the folks at Hasbro are fine-tuning the art of HeroScape. We also have the undead zombies, which in my opinion suggest a maturing of the target audience. It's a nod to the very core of the online community we have here at heroscapers, as we have been creating our own zombies for heroscape for the last two years.
The pack includes Ke-Mo-Shi, the marro witch that was brought to us by a young heroscaper who won a contest put on by Hasbro. She designed Ke-Mo-Shi as a green bodied purple haired creature that was controlling Raelin in the comic style ads used to promote heroscape. The guys at Hasbro decided to make Ke-Mo-Shi a marro and so have given her a green staff and purple hair so that the young girl's color scheme made it into the final marro colored figure. Eldgrim, the short Viking that many a heroscaper believed to be a dwarf. He really is considerably smaller than Thorgrim and Finn. Kaemon Awa, The samurai archer with a stunning paint scheme, I count 10 different colors. Runa and Kiova the Kryies that we first saw a glimpse of in early prototype photos of the wave 1 expansions.

The Samurai Archers, along with Kaemon Awa, and the earlier released, Einar Flagbearer and Tagawa Samurai are showing the color scheme of Einar. We see the same thing in the Einar Imperium and Empress Kiova. Are the folks who work on HeroScape looking to more strongly establish color schemes on the battlefield? The archers add range to a growing Samurai army, and the Imperium are an amazingly powerful squad. Three figures with double attack will put the hurt on.

Heavy Gruts are pretty straight forward; they are basically beefed up Blade Gruts. But the sculpts are my favorite squad sculpt yet! Each grut looks fantastic and each one is very unique from the next in it's head and face. The shades are a pretty straight forward sculpt, but the ability should provide tons of fun.

The long awaited, much anticipated zombies! They are quite graphic, thus my suggestion that the game is shifting a bit in its target audience. The abilities capture what we all expect from zombies and the fan-made scenarios that are sure to result from these guys should prove to be very cinematic!

Zombie card stats can be found: HERE
and the rest of the card stats can be found: HERE
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