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Elgin’s Army Card Challenge

Posted February 25th, 2011 at 11:44 AM by Elginb
I’ve already been doing this for much of February, but I figured out a more interesting way to do it, so rather than post the existing results, I figure I’ll just start over with a new set-up.

Several years ago, when Heroscape was much smaller, I ran a unit vs. unit tournament. Each unit faced each other one-on-one until a victor was named, but the victor wasn’t the last unit standing, but rather the one that won the most against more expensive units. Syvarris won that tournament by a wide margin, but it was done in a single elimination format that, in retrospect, didn’t quite capture what I was trying to do.

This time, I’m doing it round-robin style. The first round will start off with 36 6-unit pools, the 2nd round will continue with six 6-unit pools, and the final round will be one last 6-unit pool to fight it out for the championship. The units will cover a broad range of prices (for instance, one pool will have both a Dumutef Guard and Cyprien),...
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Final Results - January 2011 Lazy Laundry Tournament

Posted February 1st, 2011 at 11:23 AM by Elginb
Well, the final four rounds were pretty entertaining, and the final results just as surprising as those of the previous Lazy Laundry Tournament. I really LOVE the impact of these new D&D figures on the game.

Round 3 didn’t have any particularly close or interesting games. A couple upsets, but not much to go into (the Silver Surfer lost to a bunch of Omnicron Snipers trumped up on an Attack +1 glyph; and the Red Skull’s unlimited range as master planner beat out Kurrock’s mere 8 space range for his mastery of the elements). But there was some drama in the Quarterfinals.

AnubiansX3, Khosumet, MezzodemonsX4, Guilty *
Sgt. Drake 2.0, SentinelsX2, 4th MassX3

The Sentinels headed out first to act as blockers, and the Anubians ran out to try and eat ‘em up. They managed to take out most of the Kyrie, but the 4th Mass were advancing up to the top of the high castle walls in the middle of the map, and they started destroying...
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Round 3 - January 2011 Lazy Laundry Tournament

Posted January 28th, 2011 at 10:35 AM by Elginb
Well, my predictions are starting to get a little better, probably just because I’ve had a chance to see all the teams in play—but we’ll see how my predictions hold out.

Round 2 was played on a map that was kind of like a collapsed overpass— there was a road going from start zone to start zone, connecting three high points, but it fell low around the central and longest high point, which was running perpendicular to the road as a whole. The other two high points were abutting the start zones, but the low part of the road was toward the center of the map. The terrain was situated such that it created 4 small valleys, two were hot & cold valleys—you had to go through a lava field and an ice patch to get to a glyph on a dungeon space (on one side was the wind glyph, the other the wound glyph). The other two valleys were swampy, jungle valleys, through which you could gain the easiest access to the central high ground. Where the road collapsed nearest the central high ground...
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Round 2 - January 2011 Lazy Laundry Tournament

Posted January 24th, 2011 at 12:17 PM by Elginb
Well, my powers of predestination continue to fail me as I guessed only 18 of 30 outcomes correctly.

I’m still on the kick of trying to use all terrain types in my maps, and the first map (for the first half of the draw) was a circular castle with high walls facing the start zones and “collapsed” walls in between the high walls. I used two castle arches (minus the doors) to make the high walls through which I ran a creek made of swamp and regular water. The north collapsed wall was surrounded by a lava field and the south collapsed wall was bordered by dungeon tiles. Outside the high walls were a couple jungle trees and a hill you could climb (with mounted battlements) that led to a ladder which would lead you to the top levels. There were patches of ice on top breaking up the wall-walk. Glyphs included the wind glyph, as well as the Move+4 treasure and another glyph and treasure I can’t quite remember (yikes!).

The second map (for the second half the draw)...
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The Balanced Terrain Master Set

Posted January 24th, 2011 at 12:15 PM by Elginb
As I’ve mentioned in my Lazy Laundry Tournament posts, I really believe that many (most?) HS units get screwed by the unequal representation of special terrain in tournament maps. So, I spent some time imagining what a Master Set would look like if it included all terrain types proportional to the overall distribution of terrain types in a collection that included one each of every Master and Terrain Set, with the idea that this could become a standard "Master" set. Here’s what I found (and I’m sure my math is only roughly correct, as I did a lot of rounding and what-not, and some terrain types overlap or are difficult to account for).

[And just to clarify some terminology I’ll be using—I’m going to use the term “hex-depth” to account for terrain that takes up some horizontal space. For terrain that takes up vertical space, but no horizontal space (such as ruins or ladders), I’m going to refer to them by their “edge-level”, which is the number of hex edges they...
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