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How Heroscaper's changed my life

Posted September 10th, 2010 at 09:55 AM by Bolo
How Heroscaperís changed my life.

I have been a table top gamer since 1978 when I first got into D&D, then in 1982 I joined the USN and found a lot of gamers onboard the various ships I was stationed on. I fell in love with miniature war games in the late 80ís with games like Battle Tech, Star Fleet Battles and Space Marine, but I was always embarrassed to admit my hobbies to family and friends that did not play games, as I thought it would make me seem like I was still a child.

Then in 2005 I found a new game, Heroscape, I fell in love with this game and started playing with my sons and other gaming friends, but was still embarrassed to tell co-workers or other non-gaming friends. Then in mid 2008, I discovered this site and it opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities as well as the fact that I was not the only 40-something that still played games.

It wasnít until I read an article from Revdyer that I realized that I could hold my head up high and declare to all the world that I liked to play games to pass the time and socialize with friends. In the article Revdyer stated that he first started playing as a way to teach and connect with people in his church and they accepted him for that and still respected him as an adult. Donít get me wrong, I did not think that I was not an adult, I served my country for 13 years and spent a lot of time over seas during various conflicts, as well as being married and raising two sons, I was just embarrassed of my hobby.

Now after realizing that I am not judged by how I spend my idle time, I am no longer embarrassed to declare that I AM A HEROSCAPER!!!!

Thank you all, and a personal thanks to Revdyer. I know you do not know me, but you did open my eyes.
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Aldin's Avatar
Great blog, Bolo. Thanks for the heartwarmer to start the day!

Posted September 10th, 2010 at 10:01 AM by Aldin Aldin is offline
chas's Avatar
"Table Top Gamer." I like that. 57 years old and counting, here...
Posted September 10th, 2010 at 11:46 AM by chas chas is offline
Sylvano the Wasabus's Avatar
In my experience most adults spend most of their time watching TV. I think that's sad.
I'm a Heroscaper!
Yay Bolo!
Posted September 10th, 2010 at 05:05 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus Sylvano the Wasabus is offline
Arrow Grut's Avatar
Bolo, thank you for serving our country.
What ship did you serve on?
Oh, I've been a gamer say.. um... 3 years I think?
Posted September 14th, 2010 at 03:41 PM by Arrow Grut Arrow Grut is offline
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