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Louisville NHSD 2013 Tournament of Champions

Posted October 20th, 2013 at 05:57 PM by NecroBlade
4x Roman Legionnaires
Mogrimm Forgehammer
Marcus Decimus Gallus

Game 1; Heat of Battle vs Holden on If You Can't Take the Heat
5x Zombies of Morindan
Kaemon Awa
Raelin (RotV)

I won the roll and let Holden place first, which would allow me to place my last Hero to threaten Raelin, as well as take the first turn. Zombies were spread out on various hills, with Raelin protecting half of them and Kaemon Awa behind, while my Legion formed up together and my Warlords positioned for maximum efficiency. NGS Bonded first so he could get right at Raelin. Never did Mindshackle her, but punched her for a few damage. With a little help from Marcus and sightly better dice, my Romans started getting a decent numbers advantage on the Zombies despite a couple coming back. Mogrimm took a swipe to get height on Raelin, but rolled horribly and was taken out the next turn with two hot Quick Release rolls from KA. KA continued to roll hot on offense, killing NGS as well, but not before Holden was out of Zombies and Raelin was dead, too. In the end, the last squad-and-a-half of Romans plus wounded Marcus were able to take Kaemon down.

Win; 1-0

Game 2; Capture the Flag vs Josh on Stygian Rift
Kato Katsuro
3x Ashigaru Harquebus
3x Ashigaru Yari (sit one)

Swarming with 8 guys a turn really hindered my usually superior map control. Bringing Marcus up early was risky because I didn't need the Attack bonus against 1 Defense, but by the time the Ashigaru got through his 6 Life (even using an Encircle attack!), he had bought enough time for Mogrimm to really get into the fray along with some Roman backup. Even then, Josh was able to pull back and thin out my Legion, and now that they were slow, backup was laughably far away. Still, 1 Defense doesn't hold up against anything, but 2 Defense, 6 Life, and Tough sure does, even against a few WTF attacks from height. Though we played this all the way out and I won a total victory, I actually did capture the flag as well, when Mogrimm rushed and killed the last defender-of-the-flag.

Win; 2-0

Game 3; Reverse the Whip vs Ivan on Ticalla Sunrise
4x Greenscale Warriors
Raelin (RotV)

I do not like armies with only one offensive option, however, given that I handed him an all-melee army, there was a very attractive 2-hex spot within 4 spaces of my start zone. I did leave Nilf vulnerable for a single turn in which Mogrimm managed 3 wounds on him, but other that than Ice Shards were killing everything that came my way. My opponents (father and son) had already needed to leave after this round, and when things started going south, they left early.

Win; 3-0

Game 4; Area Control vs David on Guardian
7x Marro Stingers
Raelin (RotV)

This looks like a massacre. I'm still not really sure why it wasn't. A couple things helped me avoid it: better map control (getting to move 5 figures a turn compared to 3) and the shape of the map itself (glyphs were somewhat difficult to get to, but it was fairly quick to get across the middle. We split the glyphs pretty evenly, only going +/-1 the whole game. He did a good job of protecting Raelin for a long time, denying NGS Mindshackle opportunity. But by clogging up his side with NGS and Mogrimm and using superior mobility, I was able to negate his numbers advantage and even kill Stingers with semi-regularity. This was my closest match, coming to a couple Stingers holding 2 glyphs for him, and one Roman and wounded Mogrimm holding 2 glyphs for me. But what made the difference was NGS was still alive and at full Life. With a 3-2 advantage, I was able to hold my glyphs and still attack his, eventually killing the last 2 Stingers.

Win; 4-0

Game 5; Kill-'em-All vs Marcus on Badru Valley
4x Havech Eradicators
B-11 Resistance Corps

One of two all-VC armies, it was good to see it in one of the top spots. I had wanted to play VC, as I always do when it's allowed, but I just couldn't get my mind on anything other than Romans while playtesting. The short middle, compared to the rest of the map, helped my slow melee army once again, as did moving 5 figures to 3. Havechs used their speed to climb the hills. Despite their high Attack, I moved NGS and Mogrimm forward (seriously, those two make a killer frontline team) while my Romans massed for later. Aside from a few whiffs, my attacks averaged 3 skulls this game (having height, 4 dice, for a lot of them). Siiv ran out and got a neat assassination on NGS, but Havechs didn't really pull their weight. Two of the last squad managed to blow themselves up for 3 wounds on Mogrimm. The B-11s are usually fun to play, and to play against, but after shrugging off the first 2 attacks (the B-11s died, but anyone who has played them knows those two kills don't count for much), the third died too quickly, leaving one against an advancing Legion. Mogrimm did die, too, but there were far too many Romans for a lone B-11 to take on, and it wasn't long before one of their attacks got through.

Win; 5-0, first place (of 16)
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See, I told you to play that army, didn't I?
Posted October 24th, 2013 at 12:05 AM by MegaSilver MegaSilver is offline
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