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Lazy Laundry Tournament II - January 2011 Bracket

Posted December 29th, 2010 at 10:59 AM by Elginb
One of my favorite parts of doing these Lazy Laundry tournaments is arranging the bracket and trying to make interesting armies out of often sub-par pieces. After I’ve built the first half of the playing field, the armies really start to get hodge-podgey—but that doesn’t mean the hodge-podge army can’t be dangerous. In the last tournament, the army of Venom, Warhulk, Templars, EOV, and Axegrinders made it to the third round (for some reason, Venom seems to be the patron saint of successful hodge-podge armies). Others have gone further in past tournaments.

Anyway, once I finish one tournament, I typically make a list of units based on how far they got in that tournament—units that made it to the finals make the top of the list and units that didn’t make it past the first round go to the bottom of the list. I then proceed to build armies around the losingest units so that they get their best chance to shine. Below are the match-ups for the first round of the tournament I imagine I’ll conduct in January. An * designates my predictions for first round winners. If you’d like to make your own predictions, please do. Keep in mind that I make my predictions before I know what map they’ll be playing on.


AnubiansX3, Khosumet, MezzodemonsX4, Guilty

Dr. Doom, Tornak, 10th Reg, Nerak, Blade GrutsX3 *
Scarcarver, Ana Karithon, Kumiko, Finn, Saylind, Erevan, Shotgun Sullivan

ProtectorsX2, Major X17, Marcus, Warforged, Sacred Band, ChainfightersX2
Acolarh, Syvarris, Jorhdawn, Morsbane, ArmocsX2, WoA *

Shurrak, Hydra, Sgt. Drake 1.0, Sir Hawthorne, Iskra, Rechets
Warhulk, DW8000, Valguard, Roman ArchersX2, LegionnairesX2 *

Sgt. Drake 2.0, SentinelsX2, 4th MassX3 *
MotH, Rhogar, Mindflayer, Pulverizer, PhantomsX2

Tul-Bak-Ra, Agent Skahen, MicrocorpsX2, DividersX3 *
Charos, DW7000, GreenscalesX2, Black Wyrm, White WyrmX3, SahuaginX2

Frost Giant, Wyvern, GladiatronsX3, BlastatronsX2
Sonlen, Migol, EOV, James Murphy, AxegrindersX2 *

Spider-man, Sir Dupuis, Siege, Templars, Repulsors
Major Q9, GorillinatorsX2, ZombiesX4 *

Major Q10, Venom, Kee-Mo-Shi, Marro Warriors, DeathreaversX3 *
Warhulk, Iron Golem, Deathstalkers, BrutesX2, GoblinsX2

Ulginesh, Chardris, Emirroon, Arkmer, WoAx3, Kyntela, Otonashi
Hulk, VenocsX3, Blue Wyrm, Black Wyrm, Red Wyrm *

Mimring, Sudema, Ice Trollx2, Arrow GrutsX2, SwogX2 *
Hatamoto Taro, Kaemon Awa, Ninjas, Izumi, HarquebusX3

Tor-Kul-Na, GroksX2, Marrden Hounds, Nagrubs
Captain America, Kozuke, Omnicrons, Tarn, RepulsorsX3 *

Abomination, Heirloom, MohicansX2, Brave Arrow *
Taelord, Mind Flayer, Brandis, Death KnightsX2, AirX2, DumutefX2

Torin, Kurrok, FireX6, WaterX5 *
Werewolf, Crixus, WoBx2, CapuansX2, Tagawa Archers

Red Skull, MotH, Hydra, Pulverizer, Kelda, Shiori
Nilfheim, Raelin 2.0, Alastair, MacDirksX2, Isamu *

Jotun, ImperiumX2, Kiova
Moltenclaw, Moriko, DeathstalkersX2, StingersX2 *

Eltahale, Airborne Elite, Sir Gilbert, KoWx3, Eldgrim

Zelrig, Groks, Ne-Gok-Sa, Me-Burq-Sa, LegionnairesX2, Sahuagin, Marcu *
Brunak, Sir Denrick, OmnicronsX3, MacDirks

Silver Surfer, Krug, Dividers, Arrow GrutsX2, Swog *
Warhulk, Frost Giant, Wyvern, BrutesX2, Drudge

GGx4, EarthX5, Sahuagin
DW9000, Wo-Sa-Ga, Marrden HoundsX2, Zettians, NagrubsX2 *

Venoc Warlord, Sharwin, MohicansX2, Armocs, Theracus, VenocsX3 *
Frost Giant, GIE, Ice TrollX2, Dzu-tehX2

Werewolf, WoBx2, WarforgedX3, Zetacron
Spartacus, Retiarius, Atlaga, CapuansX2, YariX2 *

MotH, Agent Carr, Microcorps, DeathreaversX2, Blue WyrmX3, Black WyrmX2 *
Hydra, Runa, Mind Flayer, Ornak, StingersX2, Blade Gruts

Frost Giant, Templars, MinionsX3 *
Pelloth, Raelin 1.0, DrowX3, AubriensX3

Thanos, Gorillinators, GoblinsX3 *
WyvernX2, ShadesX3

Kato, Tagawa Samurai, Tagawa ArchersX2, Harquebus, YariX2
Sujoah, Parmenio, BlastatronsX2, Sacred BandX2, Red WyrmX3 *

Iron Man, QuasatchX3, DED
Nakitas, Templars, Sentinels, Laglor, Concan, Darrak *

Su-Bak-Na, Hive, Iron Golem, DronesX3, Nagrubs
Grimnak, ProtectorsX2, Heavy GrutsX3, ChainfighterX2 *

Othkurik, Mika, 10th RegX3, GreenscalesX2 *
MotH, Hydra, Thorgrim, MonksX3

Tandros, Mogrimm, Dund, AxegrindersX2, Roman ArchersX2
Cyprien, Gurei-Oni, ObsidiansX2, Warden 816, Sonya *

Warhulk, Mind Flayer, Pulverizer, DeathchasersX4, White Wyrm *
WyvernX2, OmnicronsX2, Estivara, SpidersX3

GIE, Feral TrollX2, Death KnightsX2, AirX4, Dumutef
Braxas, Krav, PhantomsX2, DrudgeX3
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dok's Avatar
There are some really interesting matchups in there, and some funny ones, too. Poor elf wizards, drawing the Hulk in the first round...

The armies that stand out to me as favorites are:

Eltahale, Airborne Elite, Sir Gilbert, KoWx3, Eldgrim

All three of those will be really hard to beat unless a few things go wrong for them.

There's a couple others, like Q9/G-Natorsx2/Zombiesx4 and Braxas/Krav/PKx2/MDx3, that could be nasty in the right matchup.

I pretty much agree with your picks. If I've gotta pick an upset I'll take the 'trons+Frosty+Wyvern to take out the Dwarves+Murphy+EOV+Sonlen.
Posted December 29th, 2010 at 12:56 PM by dok dok is offline
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