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Didn't Realize I Had One Of These

Posted November 27th, 2014 at 03:22 AM by b57123m
Hey guys, first time posting to the blog. Not really sure what I would write about so I'll just do a quick introduction.

I am currently attending college in Oshawa, Ontario taking my second of 3 years for Animation. I enjoy the program but don't really want to be an animator. Don't worry, the degree will not go to waste as it teaches other skills such as modelling, texturing, writing and most importantly for me; illustration. I am constantly drawing and have a long, long road ahead of me if I want to become a concept artist but who knows what will happen.

Heroscape was the main reason I got into the fantasy genre and began attempting to draw. The only people who might even slightly recognize me are the guy's over in the fan art section. I colored a few of Wonderball68's drawings a while back. Although my fan art has slowed down I still draw new characters up everyday and can't help but lend some of that to this great game and this greater community.
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