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Under the Canopy Draft Results!

Posted May 5th, 2016 at 01:57 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

During a break in the action on Wednesday (chas' Criss Cross Scape), we held the draft for Under the Canopy. Other than Radioactive Man being taken first and Werewolf last, nothing went as I expected. Here are the results:



Sherman Davies:


I drafted fourth. I was pleasantly surprised to find both Jackel and Swamp Thing available when it was my turn to choose - and I got to take both (Snake Draft)! I was also happy to find Ka-Zar still available when my turn came around again. Swordsman was my last choice - over Man-Thing and Werewolf. By points alone (chas: 785; Taeblewalker: 700; Sherman Davies: 730; kolakoski: 820), whatever Teammate I draw, I should be favored (although with Taeblewalker not so much). I wonder what they were thinking . . .

The Map for this scenario is relatively small. Units that benefit from its terrain are Swamp Thing, Ka-Zar,and Man-Thing.

By the numbers:

Attack: 7: Swamp Thing and Carnage; 6: Killer Croc; 5: Radioactive Man, Swordsman, Lady Shiva, and Man-Thing; 4: Jackel, Scandal Savage,
Shang-Chi, Shi (Special), Bug, Tomoe Gozan, Ka-Zar, Huntress, and Werewolf.

Defense: 7: Radioactive Man; 5:
Swamp Thing, Scandal Savage, Bug, Shiva, Huntress, Swordsman, and Lady Shiva; 4: Jackel, Shang-Chi, Carnage, and Ka-Zar; 3: Killer Croc, Tomoe Gozan, Man-Thing, and Werewolf.

: 6: Radioactive Man; 5: Shi, Ka-Zar, and Huntress (Special Attack); 4: Bug and Swordsman (Special Attack).

Life: 6:
Killer Croc, and Man-Thing; 5: Radioactive Man, Swamp Thing,Shang-Chi, Carnage, Lady Shiva, and Werewolf.

There are a myriad of notable Powers, such as Jackel's Experimental Cloning,
Bug's Combat Dexterity, Scandal Savage's Lamentation Blades, Tomoe Gozan's Fan Dance, Ka-Zar's King of the Jungle, and the Liferegenerating Powers of Swamp Thing (The Green), Killer Croc (Regenerate),and Werewolf (Healing Factor), not to mention (although I am) the various Martial Artists' close combat Powers, such as Shang-Chi's Master Martial Artist, and the numerous, relatively high variance (potentially annoying) 20-sider Powers, such as Shi's Swift Strike.

It will be interesting to see how they all interact during play, and which turn out to be the most effective.

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