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Raid on Gambia!

Posted January 18th, 2016 at 11:32 PM by kolakoski

Well met!

I am Hosting (meaning creating the scenario, the game still occurring at chas' Game Palace in Brooklyn), out of order, thanks to Taeblewalker's generosity, the Gang's next gathering on February 3rd, so that the Battle Report can appear in April as part of the new Codex blog. I am eschewing the complicated A Royal Rescue! (see comment to my blog post
Musings from Sunny Negril!) in favor of a series of simple kill 'em alls.

Raid on Gambia!

"Arghhh! Captain, our erstwhile partner has landed on the other side of Town. Do we meet him . . .

"Meet him with steel!"

The Map.
The Map will remain a Port Town, and the Magical Wall (no fly-overs) and it's only Gate will be at the center of the Town, with the Docks (Sand hexes) as the Start Zones. Flowing through the Gate, between the Docks at the long ends of the Map, will be a Stream with a Fountain Source at the center of the Gate. Although the Wall will have no perches, the Town will have several commanding the Gate area, with interior Castle wall walks, and 2-3 extreme height, single space positions. There will be plenty of Ladders, but, for this scenario, they function as Lifts, such that a unit entering any Ladder step, may move to any other Ladder step, at no cost in Movement points. There will also be defensive terrain (Jungle, Shadow, Ruins, Trees) in and around the Gate area.

The Armies.
Each Player will build a different medieval (old
Valhalla Society restrictions, no duplicate units between armies) 750 point (Classic, no Marvel, C3V/SoV only) army for each of three, 5-Round Team games (a total of three different armies per Player), as follows:

Taeblewalker & kolakoski vs. chas & Sherman Davies

Taeblewalker & chas vs. Sherman Davies & kolakoski

Taeblewalker & Sherman Davies vs. chas & kolakoski

The Wall. The Wall dividing the Town in half is enchanted such that it may not be flown over or passed through under any circumstances. The only passage from one side of the wall to the other is by a single Gate.

Lifts. Ladders will function as Lifts, in that
a unit entering any Ladder step may move to any other Ladder step, at no cost in Movement points. A unit may utilize a Lift at any point (beginning, middle, and/or end) during its movement.

Victory Conditions. Each Team receives Victory Points for all enemy units killed, plus Victory Points for all friendly units on the enemy side of the Wall, at the end of five Rounds
(partial points for squads).

Summary. Build three different 750 point medieval armies. Remember OMs and Dice!

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