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A Prince's Desert Mystery!

Posted October 9th, 2015 at 06:48 PM by kolakoski
Updated October 21st, 2015 at 04:31 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

Below is a Draft Scenario for 11/4/15. I think we're good to go - and can begin the draft. I suggest we post our choices here. The draft order is . . . [Host going last, rolling for the others] . . .
Sherman, chas, Taeblewalker, kolakoski.

After their triumph
over the Undead Queen,
Bahadur and Prince al Kahora
continue their adventures with

A Prince's Desert Mystery!*

"Remember your training. And that you are only Human. You may not really die in Valhalla, but it sure feels like it when you do." Kaemon continued. "You're not Saint George. Leave the Dragons and Giants to the rest of us." The Prince saw Bahadur nod, however grudgingly. "This fight is about more than
proving your courage and individual competence in battle. It's about displaying your character, your fitness to lead. Remember . . ."

"Leave him be, mother! Bahadur roared. "He's killed and been killed already! The Undead Queen is . . . was by now . . . Blast! You've got me doing it now. Let's go. We've got Beasties to kill!"

The Armies. Snake draft from Classic and C3V/SoV Unique Heroes only, 750 points per player.
No healers or units with auras with ranges over 1, or units that allow turns with more than one unit allowed. A partial list of banned units: Ana, Sonlen, Rhogar, Kelda, both Raelins, Master Woo, Kantono Daishi, Tomoe Gozen.

Bahadur and Prince al Kahora are already in the Host's (kolakoski) army, who will be done drafting after 550 additional points (750 - 200 (120 (Bahadur) + 80 (the Prince)).

After the draft, players will divided into 2 teams of 2 for each game. The first pairing will be determined by 20-sider rolls. The teammates in the second and third games will be the Players with the highest and lowest cumulative scores versus the players with the second and third highest cumulative scores.

The Map. Open desert (Sand, with a few Palms and Bushes) with a Cave (with doors) at one end, containing a Pool of Kelda, with a Rock hex at the center. At the beginning of the second game, a Giant Spider is placed on the Rock hex, at the beginning of the third, a Brandar's Chest.

The Setup. Three games will be played. The first and third will last 5 Rounds.
The second will last until the end of the Round in which the Giant Spider is killed. Teams will be formed before each game, with the teammates changing for each game. Each team will set up on its edge of the Map at the beginning of each game. Second Wind will occur after each of the first and second games.

Initiative. All players roll. The highest roll goes first and his teammate goes third. The highest roll on the other team goes second and his teammate goes fourth. This is instead of the usual team initiative rolls (teams deciding for themselves which teammate goes first) - reflecting the relative autonomy of the individual players.

The Pool of Kelda. Each time a unit ends its turn in a Pool of Kelda Water hex, it may elect to be healed as though by Kelda (20-sided die roll).

The Giant Spider. It is placed on the Rock hex at the center of the Pool of Kelda before the second game.
An Order Marker may be placed on its card by each player once per Round.

The Brandar's Chest.
It is placed
(Power side down, normally Trapped) on the Rock hex at the center of the Pool before the third game.

A unit possessing the Brandar's Chest may be attacked by any unit, including a teammate's.

The Victory Conditions. Victory Points (VPs) will be awarded to each player as follows:

Each hero's VPs for inflicting Wounds, equal to the cost of the opponent's hero divided by its Life number, will be kept track of separately for each game. For example, a Wound inflicted on a 140 point, 4 Life hero would be worth 35 VPs, and be assigned to the hero that inflicted it. Wounds inflicted by the Spider are scored for the player controlling it.

A player with a unit in possession of the Brandar's Chest at the end of the third game receives an additional 30% of its total VPs, but only if it is outside the Cave.

An homage to:

Battle for the Lost City

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kolakoski's Avatar

Old School Dungeon Crawl

Well met!

The Gang is still tweaking this scenario, as you can see, but the framework is finished enough to speculate about how to draft for and play this thing. 3 games, gallant foes, a Giant Spider, and a Treasure! What could be more exciting?

Second Wind has become a bit of a joke, in the sense that Kelda, or Rhogar or Ana, is always drafted by someone to heal everyone. The Raelins disturb our wa. The spirit of this scenario is to focus on the warriors, not the cheerleaders, and to give Second Wind some real teeth.

For me, there are 3 considerations:

1. Second Wind. Generally 5 Life or better.

2. Balance. Between range and melee, with a nice range of roles and interesting powers, including a little 20-sider action for spice.

3. Theme. The primary one. What units are the most likely to be members of the Prince's retinue?

If this plays out as I hope, there will be more such adventures for Bahadur and the Prince in the future.

P.S.: Long ago, when first introduced to D&D, the arbitrary, out of sight combat system troubled me, and I wished that there was a more empirical one. The Prince's adventures and this scenario have their roots in that long ago desire . . .
Posted October 13th, 2015 at 09:40 AM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
Updated October 13th, 2015 at 12:47 PM by kolakoski
kolakoski's Avatar

Who Will Win Poll

Well met!

The Who Will Win Poll for this scenario may be found here.

Posted October 21st, 2015 at 04:30 PM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
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