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Fever Magic Dreams

Posted October 27th, 2020 at 03:30 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
As the season turns into Fall my hay fever kicks into high gear. Iím a bit of an extremist- Iím extreme in everything I do. I commit 168% percent. My hay fever allergy is no different. I have the worst ragweed allergy that the allergy doctors have ever seen. Twenty seven separate symptoms. None of their treatments worked. Anyway, that is not the point of this blog.

One of the side effects of my hay fever are strange and unsettling dreams. Nightmares really, but theyíre sneaky nightmares, that start off normally and quietly and then get increasingly weird and upsetting. And unlike a lot of my dreams, I remember them clearly when I wake up, so I get to enjoy the horror all day long.

So in this particular dream, I was at home, though it wasnít my real home but in the dream it was- you know how that goes- when suddenly it wasnít my home after all. The dreams like to play games with my brain. I was in some dark gloomy room decorated with spooky paintings and thick carpets. Then the vampire entered- I think itís the first time Iíve ever dreamt about a vampire. He was waiting for me, impatiently. But heíd been impatient for a very long time. I was very late.

And then I woke up. The dream was disturbing because the vampire was menacing. He was thin and bald with pointed ears and greenish white skin. He wore a rich red robe. I didnít understand the dream- which is unusual for me- my nightmares generally are well plotted out. Even the creepy hay fever caused ones.

It turns out I didnít understand the dream because it wasnít finished. The vampire came back the next night. I donít usually have recurring dreams. It was the same sort of thing as before, I was in a house which quickly became the room with the spooky paintings and thick carpets and there he was staring at me expectantly. I had something he wanted. And then I woke up.

I was frustrated. It seems that this dream had a message. Iím familiar with the idea. Supposedly your subconscious is trying to tell your conscious self something important. Kind of weird that there is a self and subconscious self all bundled up in the same body. Like thereís two versions of me in this carcass. Why do they have a hard time talking to each other?

On the third night I was in the vampireís house right away and he was there waiting. Staring at me. I got the impression I was supposed to do something and had forgotten to. He didnít say anything, just stared at me with a disappointed pointy teethed frown. I woke. What had I forgotten to do? My partner wasnít mad at me so it wasnít something sheíd wanted. The cats were all still alive- I hadnít forgotten to feed them. And yet my subconscious- if thatís what it was- was trying to tell me Iíd forgotten to do something.

I couldnít figure out the mystery. Iím usually really good about remembering things. I can meet a person and talk to them for an hour and remember their name and what we talked about for the next thirty years. Iím getting fuzzier on details as I get older. I donít remember the plots of books I read in my teens anymore. Iím enjoying rereading them. I just couldnít figure out what I was supposed to remember. What hadnít I done? And why was there a vampire involved?

Night number four and the fourth version of the dream. The pale boney vampire is really irritated tonight. I get the feeling that he could hurt me if he wanted to but thatís not what he wants. He paces. He looks over at me. Why canít I speak? How stupid is it to have a dream where you can ask what the problem is? What does that mean? The vampire turns at me, launches himself. Something hits me in the chest and I wake up screaming. Iím in bed and the big white cat is sitting beside me. Heíd jumped up on me for some reason. Maybe the vampire had told him to.

Later in the day I am sitting amongst the towers of organized Scape figures. Theyíre divided by factions, about forty of them now. I like looking at them but today Iím unnaturally drawn to a certain drawer. The First City faction. Long ago, it had been a favourite. They were mostly wizards, but they drew their magical power from hubs which stored magical charges. (in our game points can buy charges that power magic). The First City Mages had to be within five hexes of a Hub to use its charges, and there could be a series, a line of Hubs. Anyway I liked it because it was really different from our other magics.

Weíve upgraded our game twice. Redeveloped the pointing system and repointed all forty factions. The First City faction for some reason was never updated. Maybe we thought it was too difficult, because we had no comparators. The drawer had remained closed for along time.

I opened it. Slid it open. Looked at the Hubs, made by my kids and me out of modelling clay, sealed with modge podge and painted. And there were the mages, and the magical constructs they could create, and ..... to my surprise... there was the vampire from my dream. He was a First City vampire mage. His name is Lord Kekner. He looked exactly the same as the dream. Apparently he really wanted to be back in the game again.

I knew what to do. I sat down and repointed the drawer so it could be played it again. It took a little inventive imagination to point the Mages and the Hubs, but thatís what making customs is all about, isnít it? I fixed up the whole drawer even though it took about two hours. It felt good, having First City ready to play again.

And Iím sure to no oneís surprise, my vampire dreams stopped. How cool is it that our custom Scape invades my dreams?
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Posted October 30th, 2020 at 07:09 AM by Taeblewalker Taeblewalker is offline
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