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Scaper of the Month - October 2020

Posted October 15th, 2020 at 04:12 PM by HS Codex

’Scaper of the Month
Author: Ninja Status


Who are you really?

Brian Baird.

How old are you?

53 years young.

What is your occupation?

I teach mathematics and computer science in a high school.

What’s the story behind your username?

I coached for 27 years (football and women’s lacrosse) and I love to catch muskie. Just put them together!

What are other games you enjoy and why?

Mire Marsh because it is so random and you play against people, but not really.

Pandemic because you can all work together.

Dungeons and Dragons because I grew up in the 70s and 80s and it was what everybody did. I love to create and write.

What other interests do you have?

Fishing, golf, paddleboarding, and hiking (I need to be outside when I can, but I hate snow).


When and how did you get into Heroscape?

wargamingaddict87 and Tiamat met each other on Heroscapers two years ago and decided to have a get together. Wargame and I knew each other and he invited me to join. There were four of us and we played three or four games that night, and I was hooked (they gave me KMA, Q9, and Raelin, so I won).

Favorite unit (official/custom):

Krug, without a doubt. Love to put him on the map and rampage.

Describe your favorite HeroScape moment.

Gen Con 2019 (my first time being there); I had learned the game only 8 months before that. Playing in the quarter-finals against Matthias and it came down to my divider and his spider. We must have gone through two rounds without killing each other. We had a crowd gathered around and it was quite the scene. He finally got me (hence my tagline of “always assume 1 skull with 3 dice”). I could not roll two or three skulls in six tries. Ken was a blast to play against. Really, the whole Gen Con experience and the people were fantastic. So many groups are not very welcoming to newcomers, but everybody was great. They taught and coached me after matches and gave me advice all the time.

Is there anything you would change about the game (unit, rule, mechanic, etc.)?

I would like to see common heroes not allowed in heroes-only games. I also would love to see the demise of Raelin (RotV). She slows the game down and is too cheap. We really do not use her in the Michigamers group. She shows up every once in a while, but mostly for new players. I know she is sacred and will never go anywhere, but I would not shed a tear if she went away.

What is your favorite aspect of HeroScape?

Getting friends together to play a board game that has a quick play (one hour) and allows me to be creative in creating boards and crafting armies. I never like to play the same combos at tournaments. There are so many cool styles of games and combinations of characters that it seems endless. Love C3V and SoV to keep the game growing.


Can you tell us how you’ve gotten to where you are now in the community?

I seem to have fallen into the organizer of our local group here in Michigan. Tiamat, wargamingaddict87 and I formed Michigamers and we keep adding people. I have a big house and do not have kids at home, so my place became our home base. We have around 50 people in the group with 6 – 12 getting together weekly pre-COVID. The groups are smaller now, but we will get back to it in the future.

What do you enjoy most about Heroscapers.com?

Incredible resource for information. I am on almost daily, looking up maps, army compositions, new info on characters and how to use them.

What is one customs/community project you’ve stuck with through your time here?

I have really enjoyed being involved with 3D printing and figure painting. White Knight, TREX, and the others have been great. I have learned so much from them as I ventured in to the world of STLs and printing characters.

Is there any member of Heroscapers.com you’d really like to play against?

I enjoy the game and love playing against all sorts of people. It is a great community. I do want another crack at Matthias Maccabeus at Gen Con!

Three Truths And A Lie
  1. I have an uncle in the rock and roll hall of fame.
  2. I raise bluegill and bass.
  3. I have climbed K2.
  4. I married my high school sweetheart.

Last Month’s Lie (Raider30)
  1. I created a custom Heroscape unit of myself.
  2. I have 2 kids in college.
  3. I won a Thunderstone tournament at GenCon.
  4. I have a Dobermann.


Favorite Movie Genre and Movie:

Fantasy and sci-fi—Aliens is one I will watch every time it is on.

Favorite Book Genre and Book:

Fantasy and sci-fi; Dean Koontz’s Watchers.

Favorite Song Genre and Song:

Country and rock; “Those Jeans” by Ray Scott. Don’t judge me!


What message do you have for the ’Scaper community?

Keep it growing and finding ways to get together!

Whom do you pick for the next ’Scaper of the Month?

White Knight! for all he has done for the 3D printing community.
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TREX's Avatar
Congrats on scaper of the month. Its always fun to hear about our fellow scapers and put other aspects of the people with are here with to help create who people are instead of just avatars and tag names.
Posted November 15th, 2020 at 01:43 AM by TREX TREX is offline
DomPredator77's Avatar
I love sci fi as well, Aliens is a great movie! I love these scaper of the month forums.
Posted January 22nd, 2021 at 08:47 PM by DomPredator77 DomPredator77 is offline
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