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FFC #23 - TLFF Takes Shape (Part 2)

Posted December 15th, 2018 at 11:06 AM by The Grim Reaper's Friend
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry 23

<sub>Mandatory disclaimer: everything below is liable to change at any given moment, in any direction, and with no warning. </sub>

TLFF is at last taking shape. The passive setting I've been after for so long is here (just a few details to whack out), and I'm beginning to get a good idea for when the stories will take place.

My original idea was that I would start at the beginning, with the discovery of the wellsprings, the ensuing power struggle, the rise of the Valkyrie, the alliances and betrayals... all that good stuff.

Now, it looks very much like things will be starting many years into the war. This is because the setting is composed of an effect of the wellsprings, and that effect needs to 'build up' before the story can commence. I won't say exactly what it is; best to leave that for when it's released.

All units will be accounted for (minus Marvel), plus some of my own invention (let me know what you want to see!). In addition, there will be at least one new generation of soldiers, possibly several more. I'm not sure just how far into the war things will be, and how many generations there will therefore be.

That's how things will start. There will be multiple PoVs, multiple stories - all the makings of a grand-scale epic tale.

AFTER things start... well things could get wild. Remember that effect I mentioned earlier? Well, while perfect, due to its nature it has the unfortunate tendency to kill everyone if something isn't done about it. So it will need to change eventually.

When it does, there is a possibility that the war on Valhalla will stop being about the wellsprings, as other planets become involved. Essentially a wellspring invasion, except it's two-way.

So here's my question to you: which would you prefer?
  • A fan fiction rooted in Valhalla, and the battle for the wellsprings, OR
  • A fan fiction which starts in Valhalla, but expands into new frontiers, expanding beyond what we know as 'Scape.
Essentially, imagine if the soulborgs took over and all of Valhalla became mechanized and the fan fiction turned into a sci-fi story. It would take a long time, but that's the eventual type of change which would occur.

So would you prefer something like that, or something more familiarly rooted in Valhalla and HeroScape?

Let me know.

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