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Kill the Krav!

Posted October 22nd, 2008 at 03:32 PM by R˙chean
The ability of a unit to absorb attacks does much more than just make them durable. It makes them beneficial to other units in your army. How? Because those attack absorbing units usually warrant attention which can allow you to get other units into the fray or into position. The Krav Maga are a good example of this. Their reputation proceeds them and they are often the target of attacks just because they are the Krav Maga. The more they are attacked the more likely they will whiff their defense roll. Most players approach fighting the Krav with that in mind. This increases the chances that they will be attacked even when their threat is minimal. It also creates situations where you can use them as decoys or as bait. I know what you are thinking: the Krav as bait? An expensive piece of cheese, for sure, but if you have already lost one of them, it can potentially benefit your entire army to play them in a decoy or baiting role.

Once a single Krav Maga is lost their power...

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