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Blog of Random Stuff: Gamer's Reunion 2 Armies, Part 1

Posted August 17th, 2009 at 03:48 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Well...once again, the Gamer's Reunion is upon us. This year, we only get 440 points to work with. That is...quite challenging, to say the least. I've put together 6 armies I'll talk about in this blog. I'll probably not do this many in the next one, but who knows?

Gladiatrons x3
Blastatrons x2
Raelin RotV
440 - 21

This one...well, it simply rocks. No doubt about it. It's simple, and easy for me to use. I've used it twice before, and my record in tournaments with these guys is 5-5. It's a fun army, and I'll use it again someday. Probably not for THIS tournament though.

Tagawa Samurai Archers x3
Izumi Samurai
Kozuke Samurai
Raelin RotV
440 - 16

I really like this one. I've never used any of the samurai units in tournaments, and I really want to. I'm not sure how well it will play, but it'll be fun, I know.

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