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San Diego Comic Con 2010

Posted July 30th, 2010 at 01:46 AM by Xn F M
-And Good Times Were Had By Most

Comic Con this year was good, aside from the lack of 'scape (or even any kind of WotC presence). This was the first time in more than a few years I've bothered to go on Sunday. Usually I'm completely broke by then and I've seen everything so it's really not worth my time. This year was a little different though . . . .

I had planned on missing the beginning of the convention to go to a job interview (conveniently only a mile away) but having been offered a promotion on my way out the door Wednesday, I blew it off.* Thursday was pretty cool; we caught the Red panel, I'm going to make a point of seeing this one in theaters even if I have to be that loser that goes by himself. It looks that awesome. We went to dinner at the Rock Bottom** After an awesome chorizo burger and a few three-dollar draughts, we headed back to the convention center for something . . . really everything get's a bit hazy here, though I do know we made it to the Kung-Fu movie panel, there was a good, three hand grenades involved so it's only like 99% my fault***. I crashed at my buddy's place afterwards.

I hated myself this morning, but felt a bit better after having a cup of coffee and a shower. I was also informed that I was quite belligerent on the drive home**** We walked the floor a bit more, then made our way to the Adventure Time panel. I was unaware of this show before the panel, and it looks freaking awesome. They handed out official Adventure Time ear-hat things at the fulfillment suite after the panel. My buddy Steve put his on immediately. Later on at the Mile High Comics booth he was offered ten bucks and a ticket to Flyn's Arcade for it. This was when we found out Disney was running Flyn's Arcade again this year*****. Later on Steve's girlfriend joined us (we managed to acquire an extra ticket, because Steve can't keep track of things first thing in the morning sometimes) and we ran around a bit more, eventually ending up at The Field for dinner. The Field is an Irish style pub, with a mediocre beer list. We missed happy hour and ended up paying way too much for beer, but the food was excellent. We then made out way over to the World's Worst Cartoons panel, where we ran into Skelletor and a buddy of his and we watched some god-awful cartoons.

I missed most of Saturday as I had to get some sleep (I went to an unrelated party Friday night and didn't make it home till 4am). I honestly didn't remember anything noteworthy about Saturday, other than finding a great little Mexican place tucked back behind Padre's stadium away from the convention center, and picking up a polo short with an embroidered Cthulhu head******. Then we went to Flyn's Arcade (Steve and Jamie had seccured tickets earlier) and it was awesome. They had a free play arcade full of classic games (Space Paranoids might be the hardest game I've ever played) and an awesome party room full of Tron 2 merchandise that will be on sale soon, and a preview of the new movie. Words cannot do this place justice. They built the kind of place you wish you could throw a rave at, and frankly, I wish we could have made it to the bit myspace party there the night before.

Now, I don't normally go on Sunday's because it's a zoo. However I had a cute co-worker that was interested in going to the convention and a buddy with an extra ticket. The stars appeared to be right. So Sunday I went with Tina and had more fun than I've had at the Convention in years. Walking the floor with someone who'd never been before was just awesome, the way her face kept lighting up when something new and different came around the corner was worth the ticket price in and of itself*******. She brought some of the best cookies I've had in a long time with her as a thank you (though I might have preferred the mandatory skimpy outfit Steve had required) they were reeses' penut butter cups wrapped in chocolate chip cookies. Pure. Genius.

Anyway, I've rambled on more than enough. I'm up nineteen graphic novels, a shirt, a couple games, and a day spent with a pretty girl********. It was a good Comic Con International this year. I hope it never leaves.

*I would have called to cancel, but I lost the phone number; I'm not a jerk, I'm just lame.

**After 13+ years of the convention we've all learned it's best to bring snacks to get through the day and go to a real restaurant during happy hour. All the cheap places will be swamped from eleven in the morning on, but you'll get seated immediately if you go to a sit-down restaurant.

***A bottle of Coke, drunk down a bit and topped off with Wild Turkey 101. Skelletor introduced me to these at Kingdom Con.

****Personally I think I just like cheeseburgers that much.

*****Flash back to last year. Fiday and Saturday I see all these people running around in awesome, retro Flyn's Arcade t-shirts. Eventually we ask someone where they got it and they told us about the arcade where they were being given away. We never found it.

******I always get a shirt at Comic Con, it's a thirteen year tradition for me. This year I decided to get something I can wear to work.

*******Alright, so I like her and that made it better too, what of it?

********How many guys go home from a comic book convention with that!
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chas's Avatar
Nice report, and good luck with Ms. Possibly Right.
Posted July 30th, 2010 at 09:26 PM by chas chas is offline
Sherman Davies's Avatar
Thanks for the report - hope blowing off that interview doesn't come back to bite you in the @$$!
Posted July 31st, 2010 at 10:58 AM by Sherman Davies Sherman Davies is offline
Xn F M's Avatar
Originally Posted by Sherm
Thanks for the report - hope blowing off that interview doesn't come back to bite you in the @$$!
Well, it was for the same job I was offered the previous day, just at a much more inconvenient location. So I think I'm good there.
Posted August 1st, 2010 at 10:31 PM by Xn F M Xn F M is offline
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