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Posted August 13th, 2010 at 08:24 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus


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Go For The Glyphs

Posted August 7th, 2010 at 01:46 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
Okay so youíre probably sick of me talking about losing my job. I know I am. But for me, itís every dayís news. Until the earthquake comes, this is the big thing that happens to me each morning.

But there is an underlying barbed question which keeps poking through this miasma: What am I supposed to be doing with my life? What should I be doing? A job is one thing, but itís not my calling, my purpose. Is this an opportunity?

Iíll admit that as I get older I struggle with this more and more. I guess itís a mid life crisis thing. When I was younger it was easy- I did what I wanted when I wanted for reasons that made perfect sense.
Now, I question it all. I look at the return on various actions. Is it worth it? Is it more pain than gain? Is there any gain at all? But you know now I almost never do what I want to do.

So Iíve decided today to try something new. I donít know where losing my employment is going to...
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Master Set Four

Posted August 4th, 2010 at 12:01 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
These are dark days, for me. Counting down until I am out of work. Avoided by co-workers, sitting at a mostly empty desk, watching the smiling people walk by. Through some bizarre loophole I will not even qualify for any unemployment insurance benefits- the companyís kind of sneaky. Iím fighting that, but time is running out. And Iíve misplaced my bottle of hope.

Iím under a lot of stress and I donít seem to have control over it. When people tell me Iím taking it well I usually grab them by the throat and throttle them, so I think that means Iím not taking it well. But maybe Iím wrong about that.

Anyway, it has been my pleasure to daydream Master Set Four. Itís a great stress release, and is actually something Iím all excited about. Pity it doesnít exist.

I wonder if Iíll end up in an asylum, dreaming about ĎScape. Maybe theyíd even let bring my collection. Suddenly that doesnít sound all that bad- meals provided, laundry...
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A new beginning

Posted July 29th, 2010 at 10:40 AM by Sylvano the Wasabus
Well it seems Iím personally having a new beginning whether I like it or not.

ďNew beginningĒ sounds so hopeful. But you get a new beginning when your house burns down, or when someone dies, or when you lose a limb. Or lose your job, like me.

Certainly itís an opportunity Ė the possibilities are endless- but sometimes itís hard to see that and believe in such ghosts when one is surrounded and inhaling a cloud of doom.
But enough about me! Iím already tired of feeling sorry for myself.

Letís talk about ĎScape.

DandD was a new beginning- and it seems to have gone well enough. Certainly some have been less than enthusiastic but Wizards was able to produce new waves and introduce the game to new people through this strategy. Thatís great. But I, like many people on this site, wonder whatís next?

Why, a new beginning of course! Which to me can mean only one thing: a new master set. One...
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Losing my job

Posted July 24th, 2010 at 03:04 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
It's not been a good summer. First the knight program, and now this.

Itís not like it was a huge surprise. Itís been in the air. They keep cutting and cutting and as a person with not much seniority, I figured it was just a matter of time.

And yet I am stunned as if someone slapped me. So many things you dream about- having a decent house, a vacation- all those things, those dreams, are now gone. I suppose they might come back. Who knows what the future will hold?

The truth was that it was a lucky job. It paid okay and didnít ask much in return. Anyone could have done it- they might not have taken it as far as I did- itís much more than what it was when I began- but anyone could have done it. It will revert now.

I admit that I have been feeling... restless, like I was wasting my time the last couple years- I tried to accept that I was selling my time for cash in order to put braces on the kids, and hunt Heroscape...
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