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The Proper Way to Open an Expansion

Posted March 24th, 2007 at 11:07 PM by mrbistro

Mr. Bistro Presents: The Proper Way to Open an Expansion

The following is a public service announcement aimed at promoting the safe and responsible opening of Heroscape expansions.

First select the expansion you desire to open. Our gorgeous model here has selected a Wave 6 Orcs and Shades set (Orcs and Shades appear courtesy of Who 'dat).

Grasp the package with both hands. Shake it vigorously to show it who's boss, if this helps get you in the mood.

Now grasp the cardboard flap at the top of the expansion and firmly tear it off at the point where it connects to the plastic.

Now slip your fingers (careful!) under the plastic and gently peel the plastic top back. If done properly this will leave a perfectly-sized hole.

Slide the inside tray out and shout 'Huzzah!' in triumph. But you're not done yet!

Remove your figures from the molded plastic. Be careful not to bend their delicate parts.

Now comes the part that separates the bold from the cowardly. Flip your expansion over and slowly(!) separate the two layers of cardboard that act as backing to reveal the army cards within. Patience is key at this stage.

It is important to note that you do not need to remove the plastic sleeve. Simply reveal the sleeve, then reach inside and lift the tape that closes it. Open the flap and slide the army cards out. You now have all of your merchandise!

Because you have opened your expansion with expert care you can now slide all of the excess rubish into the case for one easy-to-dispose-of piece of garbage. Congratulations! You now have new Heroscape figures, and can bask in the knowledge of a job well done.

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