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Proof of Intelligent Design In Heroscape

Posted June 1st, 2010 at 10:00 PM by Jexik
I was going to a give a flippant response to this thread asking why we like Heroscape so much. That answer, in sum:

"Because it has an Orc on a mother****in' T-Rex."

Yeah, that's right. You know that Van Ness, Daviau, and Baker are all proponents of a creationist theory, at least on Grut, because Orcs and Dinosaurs lived at the same time, and that's totally badass. I'm actually not sure which of these guys is personally responsible for Grimnak, but I want to shake his hand and commend him on a job well done.

I waxed nostalgic not too long ago about how sweet Krug is, and I'm sure my appreciation of Nilfheim is pretty well known now, at least to site regulars... but Grimnak was the first figure that I picked up and said "YES! I need to draft that one!"

It's a relatively simple concept, but executed so perfectly. There are two parts to the figure, which are both translated so well into this little game of...

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