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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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Yokai vs. Varkaanans

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 05:07 PM by Astroking112
This was another early game, where Captain Stupendous offered to help out with testing the Yokai against some Varkaanans. Jealousy that Bahadur is so much better than Masha Shingai ensued.

TICALLAN TOWER by Sir Heroscape
No glyphs.
Astro: Abe no Seimei (130), Masha Shingai, Kincho (60), Nure Onna (70)
Captain Stupendous: Varkaanan Quickblades, Varkaanan Swiftfangs, Bahadur, Brute Gruts (365)

Versions of Yokai Used
Note: Nure Onna was played with only being able to attack once per revealed OM. No other changes were made to her yet.

2x Swiftfangs, 2x Quickblades, 4x Brute Gruts, Bahadur (unwounded)
~275 Points Left

Nure Onna started off strong in the first round, killing 2 Swiftfangs at the end of the round as the Varkaanans coalesced around Masha, who had Shapeshifted into position. She was then cornered on the next turn, though, and struggled to get off enough kills in the early round. She managed to kill a Quickblade, though, healing 1 wound, and later switched with Seimei in my Starting Zone to pounce on another Quickblade and heal another wound. At this point, Captain Stupendous moved in with Bahadur, dealing 2 wounds to Kincho (who whiffed on defense despite having height), then circled back around and finished off Masha Shingai.

After that, Bahadur ran in and one-shotted Nure Onna from full health, losing me the rest of the round. Kincho was swiftly finished off by one of the Swiftfangs now that Masha was dead, and then Bahadur engaged Seimei to deal a whopping 4 wounds in one attack. The next attack finished him off.

Kincho: Absorbed 2 attacks. Never rolled a shield or used Phantom Walk. Used Tanuki Trickery once.

Seimei: Received 1 OM, where he failed to kill a Quickblade that had height. Used Shapeshift and Night of the Yokai several times. Divination was useful each round.

Nure Onna: Dealt 90 points of damage and healed 2 wounds. Was then one-shot by Bahadur, pretty much finishing off my army.

Masha: Absorbed a few attacks and was able to penalize the Varkaanans well, until we realized that the Quickblades can ignore his attack reduction. Died soon afterward, especially because it wasnít safe to switch in Nure Onna to the middle of engagement with five angry wolves.

Kincho is very fun already, and he's a big boon to the Yokai when he survives. Balance is the only remaining concern for him right now, but this game really showed how fragile he is when not paired against melee squads.

Nure Onna needs something to make up for the loss of an additional attack per turn. Sheís much more difficult to use, and itís hard to maintain any kind of momentum with the new ability in the first 1-2 OMs, especially while Masha needs the X.

Seimeiís offense is bad enough that the Kincho kiting from the last game doesnít seem to be a significant problem.
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