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Go, Red Wings!

Posted April 21st, 2011 at 03:09 PM by Nadi
I wanna just add that I'm happy to see the Red Wings move to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Now, if only Boston, Philly, and Tampa can do the same. (Philly more than any of them.) Not keeping up too much with what is going on out West (though, shocked to see Chicago pull out the W in the last game) but I def. don't want to see Washington or Pittsburgh win the East.
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Reputation Points

Posted April 19th, 2011 at 11:17 AM by Nadi
I couldn't help but find this comment (left by someone giving reputation points) under my Control Panel just flat hilarious:

"How the hell do you only have one rep OM!?!"

It's been several days and I still laugh every time I read it. I wish I knew who left it.
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Posted July 29th, 2010 at 11:19 AM by Nadi
So, I just learned today that I've been using ladders completely wrong in HS for the past few years. It is one ladder for every two levels, not one ladder on every level.

Words can't even begin to express how stupid I have felt today. Needless to say, I'm not going back and re-re-updating these PDFs. They will just have to remain with jacked up ladders.

But seriously... in all these years... why didn't anyone ever tell me that my FotA maps weren't being build right!?!??!?! *sigh*
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You are never too old for toys!

Posted June 2nd, 2010 at 03:26 PM by Nadi
Let's face it... HeroScape may brand the
'8+ years of age on the box', but I don't know anyone (outside of my 8 year old nephew) that plays that isn't under 18 years. In fact, in all the years that I've been playing HeroScape, I've hardly known any children (or young teens for that matter) to play HeroScape in our sessions. And here lately, it seems that older adults (35+) seem to be the main focus.

So, that has gotten me thinking about my latest 'thrill ride.' A few weeks ago, I was at my mom's house visiting and my niece (5 years old) and nephew (8 years old) were there, spending time with 'grammie' and 'big daddy.' During the course of the visit, I managed to pick up a set of 'StrikeFire' Nerf guns that these two had gotten this past Christmas. They looked pretty cool (I'm a sucker for toys... I learned from a guy much older than I was at the time that you are NEVER too old to play with toys. I used to think he was crazy, until we went to Big Lots one evening,...
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Nadi's Return To HeroScape

Posted May 24th, 2010 at 03:36 PM by Nadi
So, I've been working to restore the SHS map archive that I used to have at: http://heroscape.catalystradio.com. There are at least 160+ maps that were hosted there, in addition to a good little collection of maps that I had never released since the site went down awhile back. I've managed to get about 118 of those uploaded in the last week (maybe two weeks? I haven't really been paying attention) and I'm about to go cross-eyed from uploading these maps. LOL.

I never realized (until last week) how OLD some of these maps are. I have maps that have build / release dates of them from January 2007. HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG!??!?! Seriously, have I been playing HeroScape for this long of time? I know there are plenty of members on here that have probably been playing since HeroScape came out on day one, but for me to stick with a game (outside of Final Fantasy games) for more than a year is just... wow. I feels like YESTERDAY that I bought my first Master Set, came home,...
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