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Lazy Laundry Tournament II - January 2011 Bracket

Posted December 29th, 2010 at 11:59 AM by Elginb
One of my favorite parts of doing these Lazy Laundry tournaments is arranging the bracket and trying to make interesting armies out of often sub-par pieces. After Iíve built the first half of the playing field, the armies really start to get hodge-podgeyóbut that doesnít mean the hodge-podge army canít be dangerous. In the last tournament, the army of Venom, Warhulk, Templars, EOV, and Axegrinders made it to the third round (for some reason, Venom seems to be the patron saint of successful hodge-podge armies). Others have gone further in past tournaments.

Anyway, once I finish one tournament, I typically make a list of units based on how far they got in that tournamentóunits that made it to the finals make the top of the list and units that didnít make it past the first round go to the bottom of the list. I then proceed to build armies around the losingest units so that they get their best chance to shine. Below are the match-ups for the first round of the tournament...
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Lazy Laundry Tournament

Posted December 28th, 2010 at 12:32 PM by Elginb
When I do laundry, I like to play Heroscape with myself. Over time, these games have developed into tournaments. I build the armies from my own collection (no proxying units or multiples that I donít have) and my rule is that every unit I have must be represented in the tournament, no matter how crappy they may play. I usually start by building around the crappy units first in the hopes of leveling the playing field, but also in the hopes of finding a great new, unrealized combo in which that unit shines. This time around, I decided to start building armies around 3-figure, non-bonding melee common squads, and I think I ended up with more interesting armies than I have in past Laundry Tournaments. Anyway, once Iíve built all the armies, I sort them out based on my guess as to how many rounds theyíre likely to win and seed them accordingly. Then I place them in the brackets based roughly on seeding, while also trying to keep duplicated units in different quarters to avoid potentially...
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Armies & Units Played

Posted October 21st, 2010 at 12:40 PM by Elginb
This is just to keep track of what I've been using in the few tournaments I've done so far.

Colorado NHSD 2009
Venoc Warlord, MohicansX2, AubriensX2, VenocsX3 (3-1)

Colorado 1/16/10 tournament
Cyprien, Airborne Elite, Marrden HoundsX3, James Murphy, Marro Warriors, Sonya, Marcu, Eldgrim (2-2)

Colorado 3/6/10 tournament
Spider-Man, Major Q10, Stingers x3 (4-2)

NHSD 2010 Colorado: Rocky Mountain Rumble
Silver Surfer, Thorgrim, Marro Warriors, Theracus, Blade GrutsX2, Eldgrim (5-1)

Overall Record 14-6

Units Played/# of times played:

Airborne Elite
Aubrien Archers
Blade Gruts
Eldgrim - 2
James Murphy
Major Q10
Marrden Hounds
Marro Stingers
Marro Warriors - 2
Mohican River Tribe
Silver Surfer
Venoc Vipers
Venoc Warlord...
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NHSD 2010: Rocky Mountain Rumble!

Posted October 17th, 2010 at 12:19 AM by Elginb
Another great tournament! And another 3rd place finish! Yay!

The Colorado contingent has been pretty active since the last time I played a tournament (back in April), so I was really worried that I my lack of match play was going to hurt me-- that's why I decided to break out the big gun: The Silver Surfer.

I've been a big proponent of the Silver Surfer pretty much since he came out. Up until recently, I thought he was borderline broken-- he's one of the units I don't like to play because he dominates so much in my home games. But a lot of recent HS releases seem to have rendered him less effective, so I didn't feel as guilty playing him this time. Plus, no one else ever seemed to bring him to our tournaments-- I figured nobody took him seriously around here, and that could be a big boon for me.

My preparation for the tournament was a little different this time. I wrote up the usual list of armies and units that I was most worried about...
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Super Hero Synergy

Posted March 18th, 2010 at 10:39 AM by Elginb
I'm just brainstorming ways to synergize super hero teams, starting with...


Cyclops - he could have a "cover fire" style ability a la Agent Skahen. Maybe limited to mutant figures.
Storm - She frequently carries her teammates by creating a gust of wind. Maybe she could have some type of D20 carry-- if she rolls 1-7, she can carry one medium or small figure, if 8-14, two figures, if 15-20, 3 figures.
Marvel Girl/Phoenix - she could have a version of Jotun's throw, but that can be activated from a distance and wouldn't cause damage to friendly figures.

Colossus - He could have a ranged version of Tandros' power in which non-adjacent attackers must attack him instead of any friendly figures adjacent to him.
Kitty Pride - She could have a Smoke Powder type power for figures standing next to her, but it would work against melee attacks, too.

Storm - seems...
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