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Storage Obsession Pt 2: The Figures

Posted January 25th, 2009 at 10:44 PM by bunjee
As shown in Hahn and Bunjee's Stanley vs. Plano Smackdown thread, as well as many others, there are a lot of storage options for figures. I use a Plano Tackle backpack (now discontinued) to hold my units.

Photos in the thread at this link.

A thread titled Packing it up, taking it on the road inspired me to see what I could fit into a Sterilite "Showoff" (model 1896) I had on hand. The following photos show the results, and a list of the content follows the photos.

1 complete master set of terrain including ruins
Dice, Glyphs, Wound markers, special power markers, and Order markers from a master set
1 Road to the forgotten forest with all the trees
The following figures and cards (to keep them tidy, all figures are in ziploc bags except large figures)
Agent Carr
Cyprien Esenwein
Deathwalker 9000
Dumutef Guard
Finn the Viking Champion
Guilty McCreech
Iskra Esenwein
Kaemon Awa
Kyntela Gwyn
Major Q9
Marcus Decimus Gallus
Sgt. Drake Alexander v1
Sonya Esenwein
Swog Rider x2
Thorgrim the Viking Champion
Venoc Warlord
Warden 816
Airborne Elite
Arrow Gruts x2
Aubrien Archers x2
Blade Gruts x2
Blastatrons x2
Deathreavers x2
Gladiatrons x2
Izumi Samurai
Kozuke Samurai
Krav Maga
Marro Drones x2
Marro Warriors
Massachusetts Line x2
Microcorp Agents
Nakita Agents
Ninjas of the Northern Wind
Rechets of Bogdan
Roman Archers
Roman Legionaires
Shaolin Monks X2
Tagawa Samurai
Tarn Viking Warriors
Zettian Guards
Zombies of Morindan x2
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