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Units Used: RotV Complete!

Posted April 18th, 2010 at 11:19 AM by ollie
Battle of the Border 3 was yesterday. 780pt army pools, six rounds of scenarios that required you to use some, all or none of your pool. I'll post more about the event itself in the post-tournament thread. For the purposes of cataloguing units I've used, I included any units I'd brought to the table but did not count any that came with the scenario.

The biggest news (from the rather limited perspective of this blog) is that I used Agent Carr and have therefore now used each of the RotV units in a tournament. I used the Izumi Samurai too and they went 3-0 meaning that I have non-losing records with each of the RotV units (they were 2-3 going into the event). Thorgrim's 1-1 is all that is stopping me from switching that "non-losing" to "winning". There's an excuse to break out the knights again.

My 780pts were Cyprien, Sonya, Shades x2, Chainfighter x2, X17, Carr, Eldgrim, Izumi, Marcu, Otonashi, Isamu. The first six of these were...

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