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A Great Day of 'Scaping!

Posted December 28th, 2010 at 09:06 PM by Mossman
Had a great day of 'Scaping today. No school, so the nieces and nephew came over for the day. My daughters and nieces hung out, and my nephew and I got in three games of 'Scape.

In game 1, an Ullar mish-mash of Elf Wizards plus Syvarris, Brandis, and Sonlen took on Steamroller plus Master of the Hunt and Tandros Kreel on a jungle map. Tandros and Master of the Hunt came up big, and the dice were against the Elves.

In game 2, a huge mess of Greenscales plus Chardris and Syvarris took on the Warforged, Siege, and Q9 in a lava-riddled dungeon. Tactical Switch ruled the day, helping the Warforged take the glyphs as well as flip unsuspecting enemies onto lava rock. A big win for Vydar!

Game 3 matched a humongous Knights and Templars army against an equally large mess of Romans (including some custom squads on both sides). It was a bloodbath, but the Romans ground out the victory.

*We also talked my older daughter, who has lost interest in...

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