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Heroscape and Beyond

Posted October 9th, 2012 at 07:45 PM by BoneSnap
One of the things that always caught my eye with Heroscape is the ease with which it can be added to. I can browse Heroscapers.com almost any day and find new ideas, new maps, new figures, or new strategies. I find it amazing that when Heroscape was officially discontinued, itís community stepped up and decided not to get the memo. Donít quote me on this, but Iím fairly sure that more customs have been created since the discontinuation of Heroscape than Hasbro and WotC ever officially made for the game. Heroscape still has a thriving community of talented and creative fans that arenít about to quit.

That being said, however, all that creativity and talent is still crammed into a tightly defined mindset. Maps are designed using 2 or 3 sets and built for 500 point 1v1 matches. Figures and customs are still evaluated based on 500 point armies. Donít get me wrong, thereís nothing wrong with a 500 point game. Iíve played several tournaments at or around 500 points and enjoyed...

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