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Using ChatGPT for writing

Posted April 29th, 2024 at 03:19 PM by TGRF
So for awhile now, I've been using ChatGPT in my writing endeavors. I know there's a fair bit of controversy over using AI in writing, and GPT in general, so I wanted to write this blog entry to explain how I use it, and how I think it can help other writers as well.

What I do NOT use GPT for
It's important to start here. While GPT can certainly write an entire story for you, that's not what I'm using it for. The quality of such a story is debatable, and using AI in such a way would be completely negating any creative aspect of writing. I'm no longer writing a story, I'm just using what is essentially a highly advanced article spinner to write one for me. I don't want to do that, and at that point, it isn't even really my work anyway.

I also don't use GPT to come up with characters or plot. There's a gray area here, which I'll get into, but again, I don't use GPT to just write for me. I decide the plot, characters, stakes, and everything else. ...
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