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C3G Interview - November 2018

Posted November 28th, 2018 at 03:46 AM by HS Codex

C3G Interview
Author: Tornado and the C3G crew

Following up from the last old interview, here are some fresh questions for quozl. I recruited the other members of C3G to join in on this one and provide the questions for this long-standing member of C3G. First up, quozl has a question for himself ...

[quozl] What has changed with you in relation to Heroscape since the last interview in 2011?
I still love Heroscape but I play it a lot less than I did in 2011. My daughter and I have been exploring other games like Frostgrave and RPGs. We still play Heroscape once in a while but not nearly as much as we used to.

[Bats] What do you hope to see out of the next ten years of C3G?
Iíd like to see a lot more scenarios, destructible objects, and obstacles added to the game.

[japes] I know you at one point
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FFC #22 - HiS Coming Soon

Posted November 27th, 2018 at 11:23 AM by The Grim Reaper's Friend
TGRF's Fan Fiction Chronicles - Entry 22

I have now completed the proofreading and editing of HiS. The size has been modified to 220 pages, 119,996 words.

Bigga still has to look over it, and it's uncertain when he'll be able to get to it, as he is currently busy. Hopefully within a few weeks though he'll be able to power through it. After that we just have to work out any changes based on his comments, and we're good to go. The release date entirely depends on how soon Bigga is able to work his magic. So no pressure, Bigga.

Fair warning: it is going to take a long time to post all of HiS. Several of the chapters are quite long, so I'll have to break them up. I intend to post at least once a day if I can, but even doing that, and even if I post a whole chapter a day, it would be two months before the whole thing is posted.

Hopefully my writing can keep you interested.

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He should definitely get that. (#4)
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8. Masha Shingai vs Mohican River Tribe

Posted November 16th, 2018 at 05:35 PM by Astroking112
Broken Skyline by Longheroscaper
500 Points
Glyphs: Wannok (Wound), Valda (Move +2)

Current Version of Unit:
Spoiler Alert!

Army 1: Masha Shingai, Tomoe Gozen, Kaemon Awa, Tagawa Samurai, Izumi Samurai (495)
Army 2: Mohican River Tribe x3, Teeth of the Makwa x3, Brave Arrow, Kira Jax (500)

Which Units Survived?
2 Mohican River Tribesmen, 1 Teeth of the Makwa, Kira Jax (no wounds)
~100 Points

Game Summary:
The Mohican River Tribe received most of the early game markers, taking potshots at Tomoe Gozen (or Masha from out of Awakened Fear's range if there was a revealed Order Marker on him to avoid False Slumber). They managed to claim the central tower and Wannok quickly, leaving the Samurai to struggle after failing to claim either spot after the first round.

At that point, Masha came out and dealt a frighteningly strong blow against Brave Arrow,...
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C3G Strategy - November 2018

Posted November 16th, 2018 at 03:12 AM by HS Codex
Updated November 16th, 2018 at 01:11 PM by HS Codex

C3G Strategy Guide
Jason Voorhees
By: Lazy Orang

Since a new C3G release has just dropped, bringing plenty of classic horror movie villains to the battle of all time, itís time to piggy back on that and review C3Gís first slasher.

Analyzed Statistics

Left Box Breakdown
Species Ė Undead (can be activated by Dracula or Judge Death, or allow Judge Mortis to attack through Dark Judgement; provides a significant number of both immunities and weaknesses)
Uniqueness Ė Unique Hero
Class Ė Slasher (can be activated or resurrected by Pinhead, adds 3 to Chuckyís Childís Play roll if Jasonís the one who triggered it, and can benefit from Samís Trick íR Treat and Hallowed Tradition)
Personality Ė Relentless (no effect
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7. Masha Shingai vs Spiders

Posted November 16th, 2018 at 12:45 AM by Astroking112
Fire Isles by yagyuninja
485 Points
Glyphs: Valda (Move +2), Kelda (Healer)

Current Version of Unit:
Spoiler Alert!

Army 1: Masha Shingai, Tomoe Gozen, Izumi Samurai, Kozuke Samurai, Tagawa Samurai, Otonashi (485)
Army 2: Sujoah, Wyvern, Fyorlag Spiders x5 (485)

Which Units Survived?
2 Izumi Samurai, 1 Kozuke Samurai, 1 Tagawa Samurai
~110 Points

Game Summary:
The predators rushed outwards to nab height on Masha, crippling him early on before he was able to move into position (and while his surrounding Samurai were in the process of moving into place). He managed to get in one attack from height (blocked) thanks to his six move, but fell the next turn once Sujoah joined the Wyvern. Sujoah then took a rigorous beating from the Tagawas, disengaged, and limped over to Tomoe Gozen to kill her in one Poison Sting (3 successful rolls for poison damage are terrifying)....
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