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Round Robin tournament update

Posted November 30th, 2010 at 10:24 AM by Super Bogue
Well Sunday we made it through the first three of rounds of the tournament. We are scoring first based of win/loss record and then points remaining as a tie breaker. We are also using a ten round limit. Here is a breakdown of the action.

Round 1 had me matched up against my best friend who goes by Black Mage Butz. I selected the Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls as my army. He took the Elementals and Constructs. To my great disadvantage we drew Scapecity Bridge for our battlefield. Scapecity Bridge has only 14 starting zone spaces, and I was planning to use all 24 spaces of a typical map. Improvsioning, I selected Grimnak, Nerak, an Ogre Pulizer and War Hulk, 2 squads of DCoT and a squad of Heavy Grut (he let me cheat a little and take 3 extra starting spaces). He brought Kurrok, 2 Iron Golems, 2 Air, 2 Water, a Fire and an Earth Elemental. I started really well. I was able to destroy both of his IGs, Fire, Earth, and Airs while only loosing the War Hulk, Nerak and a squad of DCoT....

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