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Webcomic Review: Ctrl+Alt+Del

Posted May 31st, 2008 at 10:52 PM by Firemaster
For an explanation of my review system, go to my LFG review here.

Blah, I have to learn to stop procrastinating. I never got around to doing a CoN tip this week (I'll probably do one tomorrow), and I am just barely keeping my promise to do a second webcomic review this week. Oh well, not much I can do about it now. Anyways, today I am reviewing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Title/Author: Ctrl+Alt+Del, by Tim Buckley

Update Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Genre: Gaming

Style: Hybrid


Summary: Meet Ethan. He's an idiot, but in a good way. The kind of good way that leads him to do stuff that will harm himself, destroy stuff, say stupid things, and all around make us laugh. From creating a new holiday and religion, to trying to avoid being killed by a penguin, to trying to learn to play warhammer, to sneaking into a gaming company...
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Webcomic Review: The Dreamland Chronicles

Posted May 26th, 2008 at 07:30 PM by Firemaster
For an explanation of my review system, go to my LFG review here.

For today's review, I am going with my favourite "serious" webcomic, The Dreamland Chronicles. Also, I've changed my mind about how often I'm going to do reviews. There are so many great comics out there, that it would take years to review even a fraction of them going at once a week. Anyways, on to the review.

Title/Author: The Dreamland Chronicles, by Scott Christian Sava

Update Schedule: Weekdays.

Genre: Fantasy

Style: Story-Driven


Summary: Alex is a normal guy, and like most normal guys, he dreams. Unlike a normal guy, however, his dreams seem to take him to a place not of this world, called Dreamland. When he was a kid, Dreamland was a nice place. Then he found a magic sword, and stopped dreaming of Dreamland. Now, 8 years...
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CoN General Tips: Trust your Instincts

Posted May 24th, 2008 at 12:13 AM by Firemaster
For my first CoN tip, I shall be talking about a subject which I am just figuring out myself, and that is to trust your instinct.

Before I get into how this relates to the CoN, I want you to picture something in your mind. Think of a computer with a billion terrabytes of Hard Drive, but only a few megabytes of RAM. You can store tons of stuff on it, but it might take you a long time to find you are looking for. Now replace that image with with a lump of pink flesh called the human brain, and that RAM chip is called the conscious mind.

That's exactly how the human brain works. Everything you've seen, heard, or otherwise experienced is stored in your brain for future use. The only problem is that your brain has a very hard time accessing most of it.

So how does this relate to instinct? Well enter into the equation a second RAM chip, one that can access almost the entire hard drive all at once. Let's call this second RAM chip the "Subconscious"....
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Webcomic Review: Looking for Group

Posted May 21st, 2008 at 08:56 AM by Firemaster
All right, I think it's now time for my first webcomic review. To begin with, I shall explain how my review system will work. I will look at the webcomics in terms of the following:

Title/Author: Self Explanitory

Update Schedule: What days new pages are posted

Genre: Which genre(s) the webcomic fits into.

Style: I've read many webcomics, and just about all of them can fit into one of 4 styles.

Story-Driven: Has a clear, well defined story that flows smoothly and rarely deviates from the story to post filler type pages. Example: Dreamland Chronicles

Blog Style: Has no story, and there is little continuity between pages. As it suggests, it is a blog done in comic form, so most pages will be on whatever is the latest in the topic of their webcomic. Example: Penny Arcade

Hybrid: A sort of mixture of Story-Driven and Blog style comics. Comics of this sort will usually have some sort of story behind it...
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Time to stop procrastinating.

Posted May 17th, 2008 at 08:31 PM by Firemaster
Yet another thing that I've been meaning to get done. Recently, I decided it was time to get off my butt and get some stuff I've been meaning to get done, done. One of those things is to start up my 'Scapers blog. Now that I've got it done, that is one thing off of my list.

Anyways, I can't just post in the blog without saying anything meaningful, otherwise I am just wasting space. Nor can it be something covered by a lot of other people otherwise it will still be a waste of space. So after looking through some of the other blogs, I have decided on 2 things my blog shall focus on:

1. The CoN: Though I don't know if I can call myself an expert on this, I do think I know a thing or two and could offer a few tips on how to play the game. As well, as far as I can tell, no one is covering anything like this.

2. Webcomics: I've read a number of webcomics over the time I have been using the internet, and currently have a "collection" of over 20...
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