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Cowboys In Cars

Posted January 29th, 2011 at 10:19 PM by chas

“ ’Are you enjoying the show?’
‘Yes, but I wish she’d change up, and do some old rock and roll.’
‘And now folks, I think I’d like to do something by Chuck Berry!’ “
--Me, The Librarian, and Emmy Lou Harris
Synchronicity: Schaeffer Concert On The Pier, New York City, 1980s

“Power, when inactive, is described as being in its ‘home,’ a place, usually a cave in a mountain, where the shaman learns a ceremony in his visionary experience.”
--Apache Odyssey

Sometimes experiences of the individual and collective past, present, and future are linked together in ways we can’t begin to understand. Memories come back to one in odd connections from years ago. So if we start off inside the Brooklyn Bridge and end up in Arizona, don’t be surprised. Just come along for the ride.

You can easily understand why The Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage Museum was open only before the War On Terrorism. Built into the...
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