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ZB's Monthly Blog - January '12

Posted January 28th, 2012 at 09:11 PM by ZBeeblebrox

Well it has been a great year for Fanscape. Wave 14 was released with, IMO, considerable success. And the new waves are coming along splendidly. C3V has released information about several figures that we will be using for C3V units, I suggest you check them out and subscribe to the thread to get up to date info on the C3V sculpts.

C3V Public Information Thread .

This thread will have release information added to it when the ERB decides that we will be definitely using a particular sculpt. We hope by getting the information out early we can avoid another Omegacron situation. (When the C3V ERB decided to use that sculpt, there were over 150 available, then when we finally released the information to the public…they were all gone )

C3V and SoV Books of Index

Also, the C3V finally started up the P.A.M. program (Public Access Member). This is where...
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Michigan NHSD Tournament 2011

Posted October 17th, 2011 at 09:10 PM by ZBeeblebrox
Updated October 18th, 2011 at 12:21 AM by ZBeeblebrox
OK so we had our Michigan NHSD event at BC Comix.

540 points Random Reverse the Whip
(Coin Flip before each round determined which Army you played)


1. Drew/Tyler {4-0} Tor-Kul-Na, 5x Marrden Nagrubs, Su-Bak-Na, Isamu
2. Yakroller {3-1} Venoc Warlord, 6x Venoc Vipers, Kaemon Awa (Drop a Viper)
3. damja {3-1} 5x Zombies of Morrindan, Krav Maga Agents, Raelin (RotV) 2x White Wyrmlings
4. Tornado {3-1} 6x Zombies of Morrindan, Krav Maga Agents, Raelin (RotV)
5. XC_Runner (2-2) 3x Minions of Utgar, Atlaga, Runa
6. ZBeeblebrox (2-2) Braxas, 3x Axegrinders, Mogrimm Forgehammer
7. Rednax (1-3) 3x Omnicron Sipers, 4x Omnicron Repulsors, Raelin (RotV)
8. Brian (1-3) 5x Goblin Cutters, Major Q9, Krav Maga Agents
9. Icemaster (1-3) Cyprien Esenwein, Brunak, Ornak, 2x Phantom Knights, 1x Blade Gruts
10. Footballdude88...
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Are You Ready?

Posted August 29th, 2011 at 10:52 PM by ZBeeblebrox

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C3V Public Announcement 7/12/11

Posted July 12th, 2011 at 11:38 PM by ZBeeblebrox
So we are moving right along now with all your help with playtesting, thanks for all you support. In appreciation for the public support of the C3V here's some C3V news and Sneak Peaks at Wave 14 (C1)

Booster names released!

WAVE 14: C1 Thormun's Reprieve

Heroes of Vassel's Vigil

and She-Wolves

Veterans of Disaster

Marro and Thrall


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Michigan Monster Mash 2011

Posted June 27th, 2011 at 10:38 PM by ZBeeblebrox
So this past weekend we had another Michigan Tournament. This time it was a Monster Mash based on the GenCon event of the same name.

Here is how the participants fared:

1. Yakroller 3-0 (Heavy Gruts x4, Grimnak, Tornak, Nerak)
2. Katie/Drew 2-1 (Nilfheim, Q9, Zetacron, Deathreavers x3) {Loss to Yakroller}
3. Grombloodboy 2-1** (Zombies x6, Zombie Hulk x3) {Loss to Yakroller}
4. XC_Runner (w/Shelby in training) 2-1 (Fen Hydra x2, Q10, Raelin [rotv], Deathreavers x2) {Loss to Grombloodboy}
5. ZBeeblebrox 1-2 (Ogre Pulverizers x2, Goblins x3, Horned Skull Brutes x2, Me-Burq-Sa) {Losses to Katie/Drew & XC_Runner}
6. Tornado 1-2 (Braxas, Krug, Me-Burq-Sa, Raelin, Atlaga) {Losses to Yakroller and ZBeeblebrox}
7. Rednax 1-2 (Sujoah, Wyvern x2, Spiders x4) {Losses to XC_Runner & Katie/Drew}
8. Damja 0-3 (Kurrok, Fire Elemental x8, Zetacron, Theracus, Me-Burq-Sa) {Losses to Grombloodboy, Rednax,...
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