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Scoop from Comic-Con: Part Two

Posted July 26th, 2006 at 12:45 AM by truth
Updated April 14th, 2008 at 05:41 PM by truth
Direct from San Diego... Comic-Con 2006!

It's been months since the mystery shelf first revealed itself to us and only days that MavelScape was made public. Well you can count on Heroscapers.com to get you as close as possible to the action.

Both Wave 5 and MarvelScape were behind glass, but our photographers pushed thier cameras as close as they could to get these photos.

All the figures had great paint jobs... but I must say the Charlie's Angles chicks... seem to be a bit lacking. While the rest of the figures seem to use washes and look detailed and of the quality we are used to seeing, the agents seemed to be molded in white and then quickly painted, they seemed... unfinished.

Other notes on the Female Agents: They are a unique squad and are packaged with 3 Gladiators which are all unique heroes. It looks like these along with all the other Wave 5 figures will be packaged with snow (if the snow terrain they are standing on isn't just a tease )

The Samurai Will be packaged with the Ninjas both squads are unique. Also make note of the ninja hottie!

Adding further to the heroscape females (which this expansion seems set on doing) is a squad of Amazons!

As you can see above the Amazons are packaged with the bionic rats (our first size small figures), both squads are common.

The expansion wave is rounded off with as set of common robodogs and blastrons. Blastrons look to be the gladiatrons ranged cousins.

Also appearing at Comin-Con was an upcoming Heroscape release being called: MarvelScape! That's right ladies and gents enter the superheroes. The new superhero figures will be compatiable with current HeroScape figures, but according to the game's designer Craig Van Ness mixing the two is not recommended. It can be assumed for now that this means the superheroes run on the same base rules and are costed along the same scale as current figures, but are prehaps so high costed, due to their powerful nature, that they are difficult to defeat without the aid of other super heroe units.

As you can see in the above photograph this expansion should be slightly cheaper than the orginal master set. Its due out in January which seems to be the earliest Hasbro is allowed to release products featuring the Marvel liscence.

The above pictures show an example of break away terrain. It seems that these super powered heroes will have the ability to break threw walls, and prehaps effect the terrain in other ways that we have yet to see from classic Heroscape figures. Another note on the terrain: It seems to me that we are looking at roads, sidewalks, and ruins of urban brick buildings. As far as how much terrain will be included in the master set, we are still in the dark. The amount of terrain shown here is not neccessarily accurate to the amount of terrain that will actually be in the set, though we can probably expect less terrain pieces than were included in the orginal master set, on account of liscencing fees, lower cost than the orginal, and those larger "ruins".

Now enter the figures:

Included in the master set will be:

Captain America
Red Skull
Silver Surfer
Iron Man
Dr. Doom

These figures are just GORGEOUS! Expecially when compared side by side thier competitor: Wizkids Heroclix. Thanos from that line is pictured on the right. Compare to photos above... and well in my opinon there is just no comparison. Expecially when you take into account the materials used. Any of you who own minitarues from any of the Wizkids lines can atest to the fact that Heroscape miniatures are loads more durable and consistantly better painted. Marvel miniature collectors rejoice! Now you can get your fix without blind purchase!

I want to send out a hearty thankyou to our reporters and photographers: Oogie_Da_Bruce and Doc Savage. This article was amassed using there photos and there reporting (often using thier exact words). Also a much deserved thankyou to Craig Van Ness! Craig is the designer and project manager of Heroscape and he has done a superb job with the line. On top of that he fielded questions from Doc, Oogie, and Allskulls. They all came back brimming about how great a guy he is to speak with in person. Our hats off to you Craig, keep up the GREAT work. Look for Oogie's report on his interview with Craig coming to heroscapers very soon!
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