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Wyrmlings or Bust!

Posted June 29th, 2010 at 02:36 AM by Xn F M

Dragon the ***** Down a Peg

(These Rocky and Bulwinkle style blog titles are getting much harder to come up with. )

It's no secret that I don't like Raelin. I don't like the way she plays, and I don't like playing against her. She's the Heroscape town bycicle.

What's probably the worst thing about her though, is that all the things that counter her, are either unreliable, or they cost two to three times as much and they, generally, require somewhat specific armies to function at any kind of reasonable efficiency. (Braxas needs a screen, so that's two thirds of your army right there, Cyprien dies to the massed commons that tend to run with Raelin, Deadeye Dan is trash, Laglor needs more Vydar range and a screen to get enough shots in, Shades . . . well, they're unreliable and not very good at much at all {I'd probably build a shade army before trying DeD though}, Syvarris needs a screen to get enough shots in to take her out, Tor-Kul-Na only works in one army, mindslacklers are not what the droids you're looking for, and Zelrig is only good against Romans)

Basically, the stuff that's good against Raelin armies, and reasonably competative requires you to be playing fairly rigid army builds, whereas Raelin just slots in with damn-near any-old thing (reminds me of an ex . . .).

I think the Wyrmlings might be a sign that is changing though. It looks like a competative set of wymlings will be some combination of 3 Blacks, 1-2 Blues, 1-2 Whites, and 0-1 Reds; that's about 155-190 points or so. While they'll probably be best with a screen (and ******* Raelin) the overall investment in a core of wymlings is small, and it should combine well with many different army bases. The wyrmlings (the black ones anyhow) may be the first affordable, adaptable, and reliable counter to a Raelin based army. Heck, you could even just fill out an existing army with 2-3 Black Wymlings to help out against Raelin-based builds if those are your bad match ups.

Maybe it's just late, and I'm spouting gibberish, but I wouldn't be supprised if these guys have an impact on the Raelin/Paper/Scissors of the heroscape metagame.
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Finally there are just what you want on the market! All of the new Anti-Range/anti support(Raelin) units are of course "D&D." So if she's such a big deal to you, its too bad you don't have any; it kind of paints you into a corner. They are: Wyrmlings as you mention, PKs, possibly others such as Warforged Soldiers. You can always buy of singles of them, if that's what you want!
Posted June 29th, 2010 at 08:19 AM by chas chas is offline
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