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Disney World Vacation

Posted June 10th, 2008 at 11:14 PM by Hahma
Updated June 11th, 2008 at 12:12 AM by Hahma
The wife and I took the kids to Disney World in Florida last week. We left on May 31st and got back June 7th. Boy we sure had a good time.

The twins are 5 and it was quite awesome to see their faces as they met all the characters to get their autographs and hugs. They also really loved the rides and attractions, and it was great to see them having a blast, though the wife and I had a blast as well.

We flew Southwest Airlines for the first time and it was a wonderful, trouble-free experience.

We stayed on Disney property at a resort called Port Orleans and stayed in the Riverside area as opposed to the French Quarter area. As far as their resorts go, ours was in the moderate range of price. They had hotel buildings that resembled southern plantation mansions. We liked the idea of staying at a Disney resort because of the convenience, especially with the kids. There were several pools within walking distance, as well as the restaurant, food court, shop and other ammenities. Also, they had shuttle bus service that picked us up not too far away and took us to the various theme parks. They had different busses for the different parks and ran on a 20 minute schedule. The theme parks are quite spread out, so it was nice to not have to worry about driving their in a rental car.

The Magic Kingdom park is the classic one with the castle, main street U.S.A., the Tea Cup, Dumbo rides etc. for the little ones (as well as adults). It also had a cool Buzz Lightyear interactive ride, Spash Mountain water ride and much, much more. They had a great parade and we found most of the Disney Characters that our girls wanted to see here.

On a side note, as we went into the Magic Kingdom park, we saw a group of maybe ten Budhist monks enter as well. They were all wearing their orange robes and the first thing I thought of was the monks in Heroscape. We periodically saw them throughout the day and it was funny to see them get on the Winnie the Pooh ride, Spash Mountain and others. They drew quite the attraction as one could imagine.

The Animal Kingdom park is pretty neat as well. We went on the safari and saw lots of cool animals pretty close up. The man made Tree Of Life is amazing to see. They had a really great Finding Nemo stage show that I would highly recommend and the Lion King show was nice too. We saw Arsenio Hall and his family in the crowd during the 4pm Animal Kingdom parade. There were many more things to do and see here as well.

The Epcot theme park was pretty neat as well, though with the young ones, it's hard to really get the full enjoyment of this park, thank goodness the wife and I came down to Disney back in 2001 (three weeks after 9/11) and got the full benefit of Epcot. The front part of the park had some neat interactive things for the kids and us to do as well as the Test Track ride (which was really cool) and a Nemo ride. They also had an interactive show called Talking with Crush (the turtle from Finding Nemo). This was really cool, as it was a small theater with a big screen in the front and the kids can sit right in front of it. Crush comes on the screen and talks with the kids and swims around. He picks out kids from the front and the Disney person in there puts the microphone to the kid so they can answer Crush or ask him a question. The part of Epcot that isn't exciting for little ones is the back part where they have many incredible life-sized replicas of towns/coutries from around the world. Not the whole town, but a section of them. They had Mexico, China, Canada, Germany, Norway, England, Morroco and a few others that I'm probably forgetting. Each place had unique shops and restaurants for that country. Very cool when we did it in 2001, but by time we got there this time, it was hotter than heck and the kids were getting worn out.

We went to Downtown Disney for a short while. We took a boat ride there from our resort. There's not much for kids to do there, it's got a bunch of shops and nightlife type things there. We visited some of the shops, including the Lego store and had dinner at Planet Hollywood. Dinner was good, but the darn place was just too loud, especially for the kids.

Being here seven years ago and seeing all of the theme parks back then, we figured that with the young ones, we didn't need to spend the day at Disney Hollywood Studios (which was a blast when we went before), nor did we go to the water parks since the kids couldn't go on most of the attractions and we had access to several pools at the resort anyway.

One of the neat things about Disney was that they had so many people working there from all over the world. We noticed it especially at the resort where we went to to food-court, shops etc. alot. They wear nametags that include where they are from. There were people from such exotic places as Russia, China, Haiti, Brazil and Brooklyn. They were all incredibley nice and helpful.

Since both times that we'd been down to Disney World, we had stayed at the Riverside area of the Port Orleans resort, I can't speak as to the other Disney resorts or the experience of staying at a hotel off Disney property. We loved it both times and I can only highly recommend where we stayed.
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Awesome...glad the kids had so much fun and you have that nice memory of their faces to cherish.
Posted June 11th, 2008 at 01:07 AM by Onacara Onacara is offline
Nooblar's Avatar
I agree, the countries-at-a-glance in Epcot were very cool. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Glad you got back safely!
Posted June 13th, 2008 at 10:46 PM by Nooblar Nooblar is offline
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