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I use this blog to record data for testing custom figures and sharing my thoughts on the design process before posting the results in my thread.

I don't plan to submit all customs that I'm recording data for into the SoV but I do plan to test any custom that I make thoroughly so that it is enjoyable for others that might want it for their table.
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C3G Army Roles

Posted August 27th, 2023 at 07:09 PM by Shiftrex
C3G 2.0 is a high paced game with well designed factions.

This is my analysis and classification of different roles that a piece can have in the updated game. These are personal design notes for me to reference that'll help building and design in the future.

  • Identified Roles
  • Explanation of Roles
  • Relations between Roles

Identified Roles

My classification of roles emphasizes a primary role and then an attribute. The primary role identifies what the unit does in the team while the secondary role denotes the playstyle or how that unit accomplishes that action in the team

Primary Role
  • Team Leader
  • One Man Army
  • Bruiser
  • DPS
  • Tank

  • Ranged
  • Melee
  • Utility
  • Filler

Explanation of Roles

Team Leader
Team Leaders have two regular traits that define them. The first is that they can often recruit others to their faction. The second is that they often provide some sort of Order Marker management, through moving Order Markers or activating figures somehow. Teams can have multiple team leaders but their overall power is usually lowered.

One Man Army
These figures are often priced near 1,000 points with the intention of needing little to no support in order to take on another team of heroes. The usually have high abilities in offense and defense, with the tools to wound or interact with more than one enemy per turn.

Bruisers are figures that can take a lot of damage and dish out a lot of damage. They may also be able to wound multiple figures at once. They often require a large point investment but are capable of weathering focused fire without immediately collapsing.

DPS (damage per second is a term from other games) are offensive oriented figures that focus on dealing damage. They can have a high attack stat, multiple attacks, or an ability that allows them to deliver a single highly damaging attack.

Tanks are figures that specialize in mitigating damage, they are defensively oriented figure that often have high life and high defense stats. Tanks cannot normally deal large amount of damage unless certain conditions are met.

The Ranged attribute means that the figure excels at long range combat. They often have lower defense and life for their point totals that make them fragile in close range combat. Ranged figures have a range stat that is 5 or more, or access to a special attack that has 5 or more range that they primarily use to achieve their role in the game.

The Melee attribute means that the figure excels at close range combat. These figures often have higher life and defense for their point totals that make them harder to defeat once they engage the opponent. Melee figures have a range stat that is 4 or less, special attack or higher range abilities on their cards are generally difficult to use so they must be in close proximity to achieve their role in the game.

The Utility attribute means that the figure does not exceedingly excel in offensive or defensive roles directly. They often have abilities that let them disrupt order markers, buff their allies, debuff enemies, or provide support in other ways.

The Filler attribute is given to units that cost 60 points or less. They serve to round out point totals in your team. These units often serve nice roles in a team. A Filler generally won't be a main cog in the machine of your team.

Relations between Roles

Team Leader

One Man Army







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