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The Big 3

Posted November 8th, 2010 at 10:07 AM by tcglkn
Well with HeroScape dead, it is now up to the community to keep HeroScape alive. I see three big contenders manifesting in the coming days. All of which work well together.

Have a good custom that needs some help? The Classic HeroScape Creators Guild 24hrs (CHCG24) is the place to go. There we edit customs to near perfect. We focus mostly on the wording of cards and the theoryscaping of the cost. When we have the card finalized it takes 3 or from people who have been actively commenting on the card to stamp the card. You can see the cards that have completed this process in the CHCG24 Display Thread. This process mirrors the MarvelScape NM24.

Have a perfect custom that you have playtested many times? Nominate it in the Soldiers of Valhalla (SoV). (Only nominate a card you have played multiple times.) Here we will have a panel of judges that will look at a custom and vote on weither to review it or not. If chosen for review, judges will play a few games with the nominated customs and vote on weither to induct the custom. This group is currently in the search of judges, if you think you have what it takes and have time to playtest, sign up to help. This process mirrors the Battlefields of Valhalla (BoV).

Finally we have the Classic Customs Creators of Valhalla (C3V). This will be a group project that will create customs units from scratch. I can't say much about this group because it is still in the brainstorming phase, but head over to the linked thread to sign up. This will resemble the C3G MarvelScape group.

If you are interested in MarvelScape customs, I highly recommend the C3G.
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