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∆ Vu

Posted November 6th, 2012 at 11:59 AM by kolakoski
Well met!

[This is the first in an ongoing series.]

Something that I've been trying to explain with little apparent success: ∆ just
feels right. Those of us who have been playing for a long time have a sense of things, an understanding for the game that transcends the math, without ignoring it. We understand the value of a unit, to paraphrase a favorite phrase. When you put a well-built ∆ army on the table, you get your points worth, from a relatively fair deck. Examples:

In ∆, heavy cheeze you might expect to face might be

220 Q9
110 Deathreavers x 2
100 Raelin RotV
70 Kumiko
500, 12 spaces.

∆ pricing allows a formidable Q9 army, though not as much so as dok's in "official" powerhouse:

180 Q9
120 Hydra
120 Deathreavers x 3
80 Raelin RotV
500, 17 spaces

Meanwhile, the Wolves of Badru can now be featured in
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