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99 units used

Posted September 28th, 2010 at 08:32 AM by ollie
An unusual format at the Out of the Basement event on Saturday means that I can add eleven new units to my units played list. My total is 99 so I should break 100 on NHSD.

I played three games with my 600pt allied general army: Charos, Nilfheim, Rhogar, Blue Wyrmling, Black Wyrmling and Red Wyrmling. All were new units apart from Charos, and Rhogar and the Blue Wyrmling mean that I open my Aquilla account.

I also played three games with preset Utgar armies, featuring Werewolf Lord, Wolves of Badru, Phantom Knights, Sir Hawthorne, Blade Gruts, Tornak, Anubian Wolves, Zombies, Grimnak and Heavy Gruts. The first six were new. Tornak and the Blades move me closer to completing Wave 1 (Arrow Gruts and Roman Archers still to play) and the win with the zombies takes them off a negative record.

This format, and the next three, all make it likely that I'll have more units with which I've only played one game. It seems wrong that a 1-0 unit...
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