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Watch Your Mouth

Posted July 25th, 2009 at 12:41 PM by CheddarLimbo
I'm a bit of a smartass, which will come as no surprise to any of you who know me in real life. And I usually do a pretty good job of staying socially appropriate, but every once in a while I'll make a bad judgment call. Fortunately, this one backfired on me instead of someone else, but talk about awkward!

There's a new employee at my work, and she and I were talking and getting aquainted, etc. The conversation turned to kids and she asked about mine.

Her: So, you have kids, then?
Me: Yeah, I have two boys.
Her: Oh, wow. I just have one son, and he wears me out, how do you do it?
Me: Well, I'm a borderline alcoholic, so that helps.
Her: ...
Me: I'm, uh, I'm just kidding.
Her: *relieved* Oh! Oh, okay!
Me: *pushing my luck again* Yeah, CPS didn't like that joke either.
Her: Oh, don't even get me started on CPS. Those guys are no friends of mine!

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