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Wave 7 Stats and Review

Posted July 6th, 2007 at 02:20 PM by truth
Updated April 14th, 2008 at 03:55 PM by truth
I just had wave 7 delivered express to my door courtousey Sandra from HouseMouseGames.

The paints and sculpts all look fantastic.

Let me break it down:

The Warden is a Soulborg from a never before seen planet: Isadora.* Isadora has been mentioned before though.* It is identified as a prison planet in the Blastatrons bio, as seen on the official site.** I really like his sculpt, looks like something out of an Indy Comic.* His Guard Leadership ability gives a new reason to draft the under-used Zettians.

The Ashigaru have a bland color scheme, but they still look great on the board thanks to their awesome sculpt detail and great paint job.* Not to mention two different similar looking low-cost squads of 4 that both handle a different job make for a great looking swarm army.* The Encircle Special Attack on the Yari is a tried and true swarm type ability, and the wait and fire we are all familiar with.

Cyprien is going to be the source of a whole lot of board buzz.* His stats are just fantastic!* He's going to be super fun to play and oozes with theme.* He and the rest of his vampire crew hail from the planet of the elves - Feylund.* His sculpt is better than it looks on the card (on the card he looks like a cross between Bettlejuice, Batman, and Sir Hawthorne) also the card looks overly red thanks to the red background, the red armor, and the red inner lining of the Cyprien's cape.* The back of Cyprien's cape is black, which really helps the color scheme from being over-dominately red.

He's like a paper tissue with a razor blade.* He's got one goal in mind- cripple one of Jandar's heroes before he dies.* He's got all the tools to get the job done, he's just gotta get lucky with the 20-sider.** The card suffers from the red figure on a red background syndrome found through out this wave, so again he looks alot better in-person.* He's got all these cool little details like shoulder pads, nunchucks on his belt, grappling rope on his belt, along with other little bags and details supposedly full of ninja tricks.* He's got what looks like might be a claw symbol on his chest.* All-in-all a great evil looking little ninja.

Iskra looks terrible in the card picture, but my sculpt of her looks fantastic.* In the card she looks far older than her mother (Sonya Esenwin) but the sculpt looks great.* She's got this really cool batman-esque cape, and her clothes look kind of tattered and worn with some great detail like the threads across her chest holding her shirt together.** Her sculpt's pose looks very mid-battle. * They did a whole summon ability between her and the Rechets that really shows heroscape's evolution of more complex (and in this case uber-thematic) powers on some of the newer waves. * Iskra is definetly worth her 50 points without even having to draft the rechets, but obviously you need Iskra if you have the rechets as they are worthless without her.* A great 100 point first strike team.* The Rechets sculpts look really cool, they are like scorpion gargoyles, with little scorpion stinger tails.

Sonya is worth her price on her own, if you've got a spare 45 points left in your army to fill, but she makes a great team with Cyprien as well, lending him strength and becoming severely wounded when he dies.* Again the thematics on this wave take it to a whole new level.* The sculpt looks great, all the females in this wave are a vast improvement on past manly-looking female sculpts.

Wow!* I LOVE this guy.* If your a gamble player you can't pass this guy up, the potential for so much good and the risk of so much bad.* I can't wait to see what the bio says about this guy and how he fits in with the other Esenweins, but we know one thing - he fights for the Esenwein and Utgar and yet can turn on them due to an "Eternal Hatred".* Too cool!* I love that we have so many low-cost filler heroes to help round out our armies now!

Score one for the elves.* Her low point costs allows her to fill in your elf armies with a defense boost.* I can picture her standing behind a squad of Aburiens as they fire down on their enemies from a height advantage. * Her sculpt's face has feminine detail that past female sculpts have lacked.

I'll finish with the much anticipated, much debated, Templar Cavalry.* Some have said: "One squad of three makes up the whole booster?* That's* a rip-off. "* Negative Will Robinson, The amount of plastic used in each sculpt constitutes a large hero all on its own, and plastic and space are limited, if you wanted a mounted squad this is the price that must be paid, and I don't think it's steep at all, I love these guys. * Another unit steeped in theme.* Score a big point for the historic unit lovers, you gotta love Templars.* The Galloping Charge is geniusly written.* It's short and to the point, yet gets a tough mechanic to explain in heroscape term across cleanly and clearly.* The sculpts are great, I love that they did three different horse colors and three different helmet styles.* All the cloth looks flowing and cool.* Definitely one of the coolest units to hit heroscape.* I can't wait to get ahold of multiples of these guys, a thunderous roar of knights charging across the feild, it doesn't get any better than that.

What you have here is a MUST HAVE wave.* Heroscape at its best.* We've had a long dry spell, but the water is back and it's the fancy kind that comes in an expensive bottle.

Join us on the forums to discuss the new stats.
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