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D&D... *sigh*

Posted September 13th, 2010 at 04:59 PM by Kaiyu
If you haven’t seen already, my Evolution of a Hero game is going under huge construction; big enough that it’s becoming two different games.

Hero Origins will remind you of the game it is now but a much simpler version. There will only be two Ranks, probably only 4 levels, and there will be no branching off into different Heroes. The powers and theme of each Hero will come directly from Heroscape with little to no personal creative input.

(New) Evolution of a Hero will be taking what I have now and drastically increasing the content and customization. Players can choose their Hero’s Race. Each Race determines some default stats and abilities and which Classes the Hero can be. Each Class determines the Hero’s base stats and which abilities they can choose from. Each level the player can choose one or more ability to add to their Hero’s arsenal, depending on the cost of the ability. The Class you choose also determines which Class you can change into,...
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