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Custom Units

PDF for Partial Cover Rules

Posted June 22nd, 2012 at 05:06 PM by hextr1p
Hello, Heroscapers. It's been a while.

About two years ago, I began putting together a set of house rules for partial cover. Rather than rehashing what I said in an earlier blog post here on Heroscapers.com, I'm just going to quote myself:

Originally Posted by me:
I've been thinking quite a bit about a system of rules to incorporate into Heroscape to bring to the game some form of partial cover. Obviously over the years there have been many different discussions and incarnations of a partial cover rule set. However none of them seemed to grab my interest enough either because they were too complex, too simple, or too ambiguous in how to determine just how much partially cover a figure had. Basically, the spirit of the game was always lost to me in these rule sets.

The designers of the game early on mentioned that a common mantra to the game was, "Keep It Simple Stupid." However, deep beneath the surface of the simplicity of the rules lies vast and intricate
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Horgle Preview

Posted October 7th, 2010 at 12:41 AM by hextr1p
Updated October 16th, 2010 at 01:00 AM by hextr1p
Yeah... so... about that customs project I started back in... ummmmm... *cough* 2006...

In the next couple of weeks I'll be releasing the first set of the Horgle units, just like I mentioned in this very blog back in August... of 2009...

I'll be posting JPGs here of the four units, but will also be uploading a printable PDF file for folks to download, with a custom card back should you be that much of perfectionist when making cards. Also included in the PDF will be the names of the figures I used for each unit.

This particular unit will be uploaded in PDF form at the same time. Originally, the unit was going to be released last year during GenCon as an 'exclusive' of sorts. So I figured I'd post him as a bit of a sneak peak of the Horgle card I designed based on the classic style cards for Heroscape.

Click image
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Storm Shadow... take 3...

Posted October 1st, 2010 at 02:01 AM by hextr1p
Ever since long time member Annerios was gracious enough to send me his custom Storm Shadow figure, I've been trying to design a card that looked worthy enough to accompany the miniature during game play. You can look back here in my blog to see a couple different cards I put together. But I was never really happy with them visually...

... until now.

Using the Marvel card template I put together a while back, I decided to pay homage to the license which holds a special place in my heart: G.I. Joe. During my youth, I spent hours upon hours upon hours playing with the action figures, vehicles, and battle stations from Hasbro, reading the Marvel comics, and watching the cartoons after school. So why not just place Storm Shadow into a themed card which suited him?!


I based the colors off of the classic...
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Custom Artwork: Batman, by IAmBatman

Posted July 28th, 2009 at 12:55 AM by hextr1p
:: BATMAN ::

Click image for larger version

Figure used: Batman: Alpha Target Exclusive

*Note: Custom is not mine! Designed by IAmBatman. I only did the artwork for this one and cleaned up some of the special power wording!

As stated above, this is NOT my custom unit. This beauty was put together by IAmBatman, garnered with a TNT label, so you know the unit is up to par! However, I finally got this fig and wanted to put together a custom unit worthy of the Target exclusive. I think IAB's incarnation does quite well.

Note that with all the wording for the special powers, the font size had to be set at 6.5pt! So it's really, really, REALLY small. Think Jotun special powers small!

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Custom Unit: Deadpool

Posted July 26th, 2009 at 08:57 PM by hextr1p

Click image for larger version
Figure used: Deadpool from Heroclix

A custom unit I put together after looking around at some of the other existing Deadpool units posted here on Heroscape. The special powers do mirror other Deadpool customs, but I tried to pack as much theme into this one as I could. Also cleaned up some of the wording in a couple of the powers to fit better into what I was trying to achieve with each.

Also added the Deadpool logo near the bottom of the card to just give the background a little more flair. You know, Deadpool style.

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