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Bio for Frosticus Iciclus

Posted June 24th, 2008 at 09:49 PM by hextr1p
I'm entering Taeblewalker's Custom Unique Hero Contest, and noticed several of the entries came with a bio. Being that one of the items TW judges the custom unit by is flavor and theme, I decided to write a bio for my own entry.

Albeit, this bio was intended to be a short piece, but I got a little carried away. Okay, a LOT carried away. With that aside, read below and let me know what you think!

* * *

Joshua Morgan of the 4th Massachusetts Line pulled upon his scarf, tightening the piece of cloth around his face, trying desperately to protect himself from the hostile cold of Thaelenk’s glacial tundra. He tucked the loose ends of his scarf into his coat, his many layers of clothing having long ago lost their battle to the brutality imposed by the frost and sleet of the ice world he now travelled. His right hand clutched his coat collar shut, and his left instinctively rested upon the satchel hanging at his side, the contents of which urged him to keep moving through the dire landscape before him. His loaded musket was strapped over his right shoulder should anything out there raise enough concern within him to be handled by force.

Within Joshua Morgan’s satchel were orders intercepted from Utgar’s high council, enroute to a Grut base camp established deep in the bowels of Volcarren. Thorgrim himself made mention that the battle plans within these orders could very well offer a way to root out the orcs’ camp, and place a heavy blow upon several Grut regimes whose armies depended upon that location to replenish soldiers and supplies.

All Joshua Morgan had to do was use the map provided by Thorgrim to travel to an unknown path which cut through an otherwise impassable glacier canyon. From there, he would locate Finn’s army on the opposite side. Joshua would then pass on the orders to Finn. An otherwise simple plan, if not for the bitter conditions of the tundra.

Peering through the snow swirl in front of him, Joshua could at last make out the looming behemoth shapes of the glaciers which comprised the ice gorge indicated on Thorgrim’s map. At their base, he glanced upward to find that the glacier’s tops were lost, the faces of their massive walls slowly engulfed and phased out by the chaos of snow mist and sleet storming above him. He then looked forward and into the entrance of the gorge. A smile flickered beneath his scarf, pulling upon the skin of his frost-chapped lips. Only a half-day of travel remained, and his mission would be complete.

Taking in a crisp breath, he raised his left leg from out of the heavy snow and was immediately struck hard in the back of his head, his hat coming off as he reeled forward, stumbling onto his knees and hands. His right hand went back to assess the damage and massage lightly the stinging wound. Bringing his hand around to the front of his face, he found a mixture of slush, rock, and his own blood, already crystallized by the cold.

He watched his hat blow down the ice corridor before him as he clenched his teeth in a grimace. As quick as his chilled muscles would allow, he staggered to his feet, spinning around away from the glacier canyon entrance while removing his musket from his shoulder. His head spun, mind disoriented both from the unseen strike and cacophony of winter now in front of him.

Joshua raised the musket, preparing to take aim. He scoured the landscape, a dry eye peering down the sight of his rifle, his panicked gaze searching for his attacker amidst the tundra landscape. Yet he never saw the second attack from the left which smacked him square in his left eye. Shards of ice and gravel gouged deep into his soft organ of sight.

Joshua fell backwards, landing hard on his back, the frost formed ground beneath intensified the impact, his discarded musket clattering beside him. His cry of agony echoed off the dense hall of ice as he clutched both hands over his face, his vision blurred in his good eye as tears of pain welled within.

Kicking and sliding on the ground, he used his legs to pushed himself backward just inside the entrance of the gulch, trying to attain some form of cover. Never taking his bleary eye from the open space in which his attacker hid, he frantically felt around for and found his rifle, taking it up from the snow and bringing the weapon close to his chest, hoping to find, at the very least, some sense of comfort within the wood and iron.

Silence cast a deceitful tranquility over Joshua’s surroundings. The wind subsided, as did its shrieks and howls, and the snow flakes ceased their flurry, now instead falling tenderly to the ground. This sudden serenity of the snow pummeled landscape only allowed Joshua’s fear to speak to him in a voice louder and clearer than before. His heart sprinted with adrenaline, his breath trembled, his wounds ached and throbbed. There he sat, back against the ice wall of the glacier. There he waited.

As quickly as the silence was evoked, so too did it vanish. A chaotic chorus like thunder, cracking and rolling, resounded high above among the hidden apexes of the glaciers Joshua now sat. The wall at his back seemed to quake in rhythm with the bellowing rumble. So much so that the force lurched him suddenly forward and onto his stomach, face first into the snow, his rifle cast out of the canyon and into the open space.

The rumbling continued, deafening now. Spitting snow from his face, squinting his good eye to focus and find where his rifle landed, Joshua began to lift himself up with his arms. The first of the ice boulders landed upon and crushed his legs, bones shattering beneath its weight. Then another came down, compounding the first. Then three more, smaller than the previous two, but their impact just as devastating as they pummeled and eventually shattered the base of his spine, one falling over another and landing upon his left shoulder.

Others boulders fell as the avalanche continued to rain down upon Joshua, his body pined beneath more than a ton of stone and ice.

When at last the onslaught ceased, all that could be seen of the soldier were his head, right shoulder and arm extended outward, hand palsied in anguish with his face distorted to match. Two fingers twitched upon sanded wood, just touching the butte of his dropped rifle. He could little more than whimper.

His good eye flickered open and caught sight of a figure now standing but three yards away from where he lay mangled. The shape was that of crudely cut ice, haphazardly sculpted into a body of sorts. Makeshift arms of tree branches hung at the creature’s side, one clutched what looked to be a battle worn snow spade. A medieval helmet, also tattered with the scars of war, rested upon his head, and two burning coals blazed where his eyes should be. These eyes, glowing hotter than the heart of Volcarren, did not melt the disfigured face of ice in which they sat.

The creature moved towards Joshua, seemingly gliding atop the snow, as it had no legs or feet which which to travel.

Joshua could only stare at the base of the monster, his trapped body not allowed the movement to turn and look upwards.

Slowly, the thing raised the spade high overhead, the coals burning now white hot.

As Joshua closed his eye, his gasps now sporadic and slow, the cadence of his heart waning, from the jaws of the beast came a voice as frozen and guttural as the tundra on which Joshua now lay dying.

From this voice was one word growled.


Then the wide face of the spade slammed down upon the soldier’s skull with a vehement wallop, and all was again still.
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Shades fan's Avatar
Great Bio, Good luck!
Posted June 24th, 2008 at 10:08 PM by Shades fan Shades fan is offline
Dark Lord o' THIRST's Avatar
I likey! My first name is Morgan. I am still a guy.
Posted July 5th, 2008 at 08:58 PM by Dark Lord o' THIRST Dark Lord o' THIRST is offline
Taeblewalker's Avatar
I don't believe I saw this when I was running the contest! Great read.
Posted September 23rd, 2020 at 09:18 PM by Taeblewalker Taeblewalker is offline
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